What is a Flare???????????

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  1. sofy

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    So many say "I'm having a bad flare". I do not know what you all mean when you say this. I suppose it means different things to different people. Could you'll tell the rest of us what it means to you? It will help us all communicate and understand each other better. Thanks. BTW (by the way) the post on meanings for all the abbreviations is great for better understanding.
  2. selma

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    If U have one you'll know it ! Like growing pains it just comes on U. Others will explain. Love, Selma
  3. bejo

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    You're right,a flare can mean different things to different people.Some people have a flare up of more pain.My flares usually mean I'm exhausted even more than usual and also that my depression is worse and lasting longer.Hopefully there will be more people tell you what a flare means to them.((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
  4. robbiebaby

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    Sofy, first let me say that you are lucky not to know what Flare is, but of course, that's not what your question was.It reminds me of the first time I was pregnant and I kept asking how I would know when my water broke, and everyone would say... "You'll know".

    I was diagnosed with FM over a year ago and it wasn't until this March that I truly discovered Flare. From what I understand it can be different for different people, and I can only describe what it was like for me.

    It started with a migraine-like headache and flu-like symptoms. But the headache swelled and subsided and the flu symptoms never developed further, and stayed the same. The headache actually remained for 3 1/2 weeks. Then I started with nausea, dizziness (even lying down), my eyes hurt, my head hurt and even my teeth hurt. I thought it was SARS, but then I noticed an increase in pain in my tenderpoints and got out my 'Fibro manual' and discovered I was in a Flare.
    Your brain feels like it's in a fog (FIBRO fog) and any noise, light, too much colour, etc became way too much for my brain to deal with (Sensory overload). Depression became exacerbated and I found myself just praying that someone could come and knock me out. My sleep pattern got totally screwed up --- I couldn't fall asleep till 6 a.m. and then I'd keep napping during the day. I didn't want to go anywhere, see anyone, do anything.
    Thankfully it has passed and now that I can read a book properly (it was difficult during Flare because I ususally had my hands squeezing my head) I plan to take advantage of learning as much as I can so I can better help myself the next time a Flare occurs.
    I hope this helps.
  5. coyote

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    is a sudden flare up of symptoms that is usually caused by various things like: overexertion, emotional stress, illness, pain (like from a dental appt.)....
    When it happens to me, it usually flattens me so that I can't do anything, I am mentally extrememly foggy, have more pain, etc.
  6. sofy

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    I no longer do my personal finances cuz the brain doesnt reliably function. Ive evperiences the pain, stupids, excessive fatigue and couldnt touch my knees for months so I think I know what you mean by flare. I use specific terms to describe what is wrong cuz nothing seems to be the same fix or cause for any of us so I just describe symptoms rather than the vague term flare. The terms flare and fog allow the listener to dismiss us as whiners cuz they are so vague.
  7. dolsgirl

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    when I'm having an incredible increase (exacerbation), in my symptoms. dolsgirl
  8. Shirl

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    Explain! Heres my 'version', I can do just fine with the usual pain, but what I call a 'flare' is when I have muscles spasms in my back and shoulders and simply scream with the pain!
    Then I get a slight fever, I think more from the stress of the pain then anything else. I can hardly move without severe pain. I usually hit the bed, and the heating pads.

    Take the soaks, have my husband rub till I cry on the painful trigger points. It releases the muscles, but it hurts like hell when he is doing it.

    The 'fog' gets so thick that I could probably not tell you my middle name. I forget from one minute to the next what I said or did.

    I don't get the headaches anymore, but I used to get them so bad that I was almost crazy with all the pain from my head down.

    NOW, what causes it??? good question. Sometimes I don't do anything that would bring them on.

    That was my husband's favorite question: 'What did you do to cause this?' Manytimes I did exactly nothing that day or evening to cause an injury to muscles. It just happens.

    Then if I mop, sweep the floors, well I can bet that I will have the pain in my chest wall and my shoulders. But at times I get that same pain and did nothing!

    I have learned how to avoid things that cause pain, but there are times when it just happens.

    Like waking up in the middle of the night in so much pain, that you think you are going to die it hurts so bad.

    Now, if I get stressed about something I can at that moment feel the stiffness and pain starting in my upper back, shoulders and chest wall! I guess we tighten our muscles up when we are excited, angry, scared, etc!

    The sadest thing of all in my opinion about this illness is the uncertainness we live with.
    I don't know if I will be able to wash my hair tomorrow, or go to the store, or just about anything I want to do.
    I need to wait for the day to come, get up and then I know what I can and can't do for any given day.

    It unsettles our lives, we can't depend on ourselves, but on our body to tell us what we can do!

    I doubt if any of us sit around and cry about this, we simply keep trying to find something to 'fix' it! I know thats what I do.

    But untill it gets 'fixed', well I simply learned to live alongside of Fibro, and like a temperamental dog, I don't abuse it as it gets revenge very quickly!

    Shalom, Shirl

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  9. Susan07

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    I finally hit a real doozy! I've actually missed work I hurt so much - all over; pain in arms, spasms in legs and feet, neck pain, major headache and super major chest pain which sent me to the emergency room. My pain meds stopped working period!

    Hopefully you will not have to experience one, like I am in right now, to understand what it means.

    Take care,
  10. sofy

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    I do worry about being labeled a whiner instead of someone withe health problem a b or c. The label whiner is what allows so many of us to be dismissed as not sick but just need to see a psych and we would be all better. Much of the world, inclucing the medical profession, does not recognize fbro and cfs as legitimate medical conditions. They see us as whiners and that will not help us long or short term.