What IS a healthy immune system?

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    What defines a healthy immune system?? Is it labs that indicate a good red, white and platelet count? Is it fighting off colds and flus properly and/or not getting sick much at all? I wonder this as a young person who has been chronically fatigued since my flu shot (in Nov. 2002) and as a person who has had normal labs since my innoculation. On this board there obviously is talk of immune suppression and immunal compromised individuals. I am wondering what this all means. Thank you-this website has been wonderful.
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    looking for some perpsective!
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    I'm interested inyour perpective!
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    Are wonderful systems of protection against invading pathogens and allergens. The immune system has all kinds of defenses against these invaders just as a good military uses different weapons against enemies. When an immune system is healthy, it has all its weapons at its disposal and it uses them to keep the body healthy.

    Many researchers today, and I concur, believe that the genetic makeup of people with our illnesses makes us predisposed. All it takes is a stressful situation to overwhelm our immune systems and then pathogens of opportunity can invade our weakened immune systems.

    Dr. Cheney has written some good articles on the two sides of a healthy immune system and how our immune systems become broken with one half underreacting and the other half overreacting to stimuli. If you do a search on Dr. Paul Cheney in our library, it will list his articles.

    I hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie