What is a Infectious Disease Specialist.....and More

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by futurehope, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I was reading thru some of Stormyskye's old posts and seen where she was seeing an infectious disease specialist to get alot of what might be going on with her body ruled out.

    I just got done seeing a Hematologist. Which I thought dealt with Infectious Diseases too. The two things he did for me was run a Histoplasmosis test (because I had had it once) and a EBV Test (because I have had it once too). That is all. I seen him twice, then he told me to go.

    I was so disappointed in this man. He could have ruled out/done so much more. EVER BEEN THERE????

    Anyway, I live in a small town (Central IL.). Are there many of these doctors.

    I just wish we all could find good doctors!!! My OBGYN seems to be pretty good so far, he is the only one that will make specialist referrals for me.

    So what kind of specialist is an Infectious Disease Specialist and how do I find one????

    Thanks for your help!!!

    Love and prayers,

    By the way, Stormyskye, if you read this, I have ordered my probiotics!!!!

    Still looking for a good green tea though!!!
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    An infectious disease doctor is a doctor that rules out specific bacterial infections, or things like EBV, etc. when a normal PCP is stumped.

    They're not long term doctors, they're just people who, as you said, "rule out" certain things you could have.

    I went to one before i got diagnosed with FM. He suspected FM but couldn't diagnose me with it, because he didn't have the knowledge about those kinds of disorders, as he specializes in infections, and certain viruses.

    I think infectious disease doctors are pretty common, just search around your area...there's bound to be one near you =] good luck!!
  3. futurehope

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    all they are cracked up to be, but the "name" sure makes them look and seem important).

    I guess I will take Stormyskye's advice as all of you stated that these people did not do a lot for you!!

    The only problem is Stormyskye, the last time I was at my MD's office, he said there was nothing else he could do for me, kinda wrote me off.

    Pooh on him!! So frustrating!!

    Love and prayers,

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