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    Mikie Or Anyone, I would like to know what a moderator is? I see this by your name all the time, and I just saw it by someone else's. Also, when I read my posts, I see edit or delete by them. Is this what I'm suppose to see? Do other's see this? I just read New To Boards Yesterday, and found many answers to questions. But, I still have more. How do I get to my threads and delete them? I read a posting yesterday about lawyers, and them finding all emails on a person, and used this against them. I am in a legal matter, but, I just want help. I also forget about how tacky lawyers can be. But, I thought I better delete some of my postings in my profile. Does anyone know of a safe way to do this whithout anyone being able to know it is me?
    you know how I could post topics safely, and
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    Thank-you so very much for answering my questions.
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    Thanks so much, not only for the info you gave but also for the kind words.

    BTW, rlnia, you can click on Edit My Profile and make changes in that too. Just be sure to click on the button at the bottom when you are through to ensure the changes are made.

    Love, Mikie