What is a neural Psychologist?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lrgatplay, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Dr. Appt. for Jordan today. We needed make sure his sinus was still clear and to re-up or switch his amitriptyline.

    Anyway we talked to the doc again about Jordans symptoms.
    Dr. visits go so fast you don't really have time to concentrate.
    But I mentioned the need to re-up or switch from amitriptyline. I think it knocks him out but still not good sleep. Wanted to try Klonopin but I'm still feeling my way with the Doc to see what he believes or how far he'll go. Doc told us he thought we needed to get away from drugs now. ??

    But, do you need to withdraw slowly from that? I need to search that. Jordan will miss this.

    It gets worse.

    Doc thinks he has some sort of damage from the West Nile. He told me & Jordan that it's a good possibility there's permanent damage and he'll probably never be able to recover full functioning or go back to school. I was shocked pretty much speechless. I lacked ability to process that quickly.
    And I'm not good at standing up to "the Man (or women)". But I have been pushing so will keep on.

    Next thing I know he says he's referring us to a Neural Psychologist. I'm assuming to test his brain function. That would be fun. Not too bad cognitive for Jordan but does have some issues. Particularly when trying to do schoolwork.

    Then he asked Jordan if he had experienced any bullying at school or been depressed. OMG.

    I put in a call tonite for a phone conference with the doc. He could call anytime til about 11pm. He might not even call.

    I almost feel guiltly. That docs office was slammed today. I hope we didn't carry anything home.

    I want serious attention and don't think we'll get it under these conditions. Sad.
    I almost feel like he was trying to scare Jordan out of it.
    I hope I can handle my end of the conversation and stay strong.

    I really do strongly believe that West Nile may have been a player, but I don't think Jordan has or had the typical West Nile encephalitus. For lack of anything better for all intents it is CFS unless we find otherwise.

    I'm going to have to know if he'll work with me on the CFS or not. Research for/with me? Am I being delusional or does it not sound like he will?

    There's an infectious disease doc here that will diagnose CFS. But not treat. What good is that? Unless he has recommendations. There is also another regular M.D. on the 'good doctor list'

    It's just all so much. I'm overwhelmed. But I feel guilty about that too. I'm not sick like you all and Jordan.
    It makes me so sad.

    Jordan thinks I spend to much time researching. But after today he understands why I do. I told him not to listen to what the doc said. I didn't believe it. Dos aren't always right. But he is bummed out. He was really wanting to believe the doc when he said it just might take up to a year to recover. It could happen. Now he's saying it's permanent?

    He can get better. He is young.

    Should we see the Neural Psychologist? Whatever they do. Or not waste our time?

    Hoping for good days for all.

  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Hi, I'm sorry your having such a difficult time deciding what to do for your son. That's so frustrating, making the decisions that will affect our children's lives, isn't it?

    I would go to the neuropsychiatrist; they do a lot of great testing that can show exactly where any learning difficulties are, and can either recommend meds that can help that (or maybe an herb, like ginko biloba tea), or give him some hints as to how to overcome cognitive problems, especially.

    He's young yet, and there's always hope he will recover with proper care and appropriate diet and rest.

    Don't ever give up on him getting better, ok? My grdau got sick at 15, is 18 now and has started college this year. She had to rest and take good care of herself for 3 years (got a GED on first try), and seems to be ok now.

    There's always hope!
  3. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    I really have no idea what a neural psychologist does. Just sounded like doc thought Jordan is making it up.

    Doc never did call back last nite. so probably won't until Wed. nite.

    He's been our family doc. for 20yrs. Sure don't want to shop for another if I can get this one on board.

    You'd think he knew me well enough after 3 children.

    I'm glad to hear your granddaughter got better. Sure does change the way you thought life was going.

    Hope you all get better too.

  4. day2day

    day2day Member

    A Neuropsychologist is a great tool to help diagnosis children ( and adults ) with various conditions. My son had a Neuropsych eval a couple years ago, it helps to rule out various things like bipolar, tourettes, adhd, PPD, OCD, and a plethera of other things. They can be helpful in getting referrals for other services such as O/T, Speech and language evals etc....

    Depending on the outcome these also can be benificial in getting services in place with schools.

    Good luck with is all.
  5. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Thanks all.
    Might be a good thing to do. They'll be able to tell he has no endurance when doing school work.
    But doc telling us he may be brain damaged was too much.
    And never be able to go back to school.
    Perhaps not in the normal sense. Messing with the school system for help is quite a headache as well.

    But wish my doc would work with us and not pull meds that he just let us try last month.

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