What is a unitarian universalist?

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  1. garlinbarb

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    I am interested in this faith because it is very broad minded.Has anyone had experiences with it?

    I believe that tunnel vison religion is very harmful to us.We need to see others point of view and respect that.

  2. glow

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    I used to attend a UU church in Cincinnati. At that time I was not ready for such an open approach to religion and felt that to believe in everything is to believe in nothing. I no longer feel that way and at time attend the UU church here. They are very open=minded people who are very accepting and I have never had a bad or judgmental experience there. I am a very different person than when I lived in Cincinnati and find their optimism and acceptance very comforting and helpful.
  3. Shirl

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    The only thing I could tell you about the Unitiran Universalist organization would be from a book. I don't think that is what you are looking for?

    I am a converted Roman Catholic, was saved and the Lord placed me in a Southern Baptist Church. But to be honest, I am more a believer in the Bible than in any orginized religion, the Southern Baptist teach the Word of God, and are considered the 'people of the Book', I believe that is the reason I was sent by the Lord to that particular denomination.

    But I don't know what you are exactly looking for here. Please explain?

    Blessings going your way,

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. garlinbarb

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    You're right I'm not looking for a book. I wanted to here from someone with a personal experience with UU.

  5. glow

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    I took all my meds an hour ago so I cannot vouch for my spelling or anything I might say but I wanted to tell you that I remembered more about my UU experience. There are gay and straight couples there and interracial couples as well. If I remember correctly, communion is not give every Sunday but I might be wrong about that. They believe that everyone has their own approach to find God or the Goddess aand there is no "one way" to expereince the gift of the Spirit. They sing and pray and there is a sermon of sorts but its a feel good place, there was no hellfire and brimstone and everyone was so friendly that I felt like I had been there many times before. The one here offers a course in miracles that is well attended. UUs are found everywhere, I think and I would encourage you to try it. I met some very nice people who are content to let me believe as I believe. It was very disconcerting for this ex-Church of Christer, ex-Nun, now Pagan but a very warm expereince.
    Any other questions? Let me know and I will try to anwer.
    Oh yes, they were big on doing things to help the community. Food drives and special projects and such.
  6. garlinbarb

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    You have confirmed what I thought. My son is gay and attends a UUC in SF but I was afraid it was so accepting because it was in SF.Now to get up my nerve and actually GO!
  7. kristine

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    ....uua.org....should answer some questions...i don't know anything, i am a southern baptist.....hopr the site helps...kristine
  8. LBinCA

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    Hello to all, Barb...we obviously have something in common??? My son is gay as well, I have discussed this with Goldie more in depth...She is an inspiration to me (even on Meds, LOL :) )..We are in the SF Bay Area and my son just went to Gay Pride Day yesterday..I am so very proud of him, but the one thing I feel he needs is a Spiritual enviroment...to find his own depth and safe haven. I am a Born Catholic... now, Born Again Christian at 12 yrs. old, attended Southern Baptist Church & Christian School my entire schooling years...Have a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ for (oh my goodness, I am about to give it up!)...27 years! I like Shirl, have NO interest in Organized Religion...I am so close to my Lord that I do not need or have the energy to get involved the "politics" of a particular denomination. I do, however, contribute in His name to causes I feel He would approve...like Child Abuse Missions/Shelters, PFLAG, Domestic Abuse Shelters, Food Drives, etc.

    Barb, sweetie, do a search like our good friends have advised above...choose with your heart, not by anything another may "coerce" you into. A relationship with Lord (or Higher Power) is personal, serene, and your Rock... He/She will NEVER fail you.....if it's anything other than that..(like give me all your worldly possessions, etc.) RUN.......

    Best of luck to you in your pursuit of Peace, we can all offer guidance, but you will have to make the ultimate choice just for you!
    God Bless and Love in His Light....

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  9. garlinbarb

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    LB, it seems we hve a lot in common.I had forgotten about the gay pride thing yesterday. Now I know why he didn't call! He always does unless he's too busy.

  10. LBinCA

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    aka (edited due to Barb's insistence)DARTHA...We have more in common than you think! This belongs on the CC Board...But, just one more thing! No wonder I think youre wonderful...You have the same BDay as my Mom! Only 5 yrs. apart, can I ask you to be my Second Mom???? It's just to uncanny!

    Much Love...LoriB
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  11. Jaimy

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    .......Barb, this religion sounds like 'me'!! you were right.....I will look at the site as well.....I am trying to find 'something' that encompasses my more 'open' and spiritual beliefs.....

    I believe in a higher power, but not organized religion at all.....I was raised Catholic and was dragged to church every Sunday with my mother, and I resented it (not being able to make my own choice) .......I do not care what religion any of you are.....that is a personal decision.....I only care what's in your heart.....

    I have been 'searching' for some time now to find my 'place' in all of this, have been disillusioned so many times!!!......abandoned Catholicism long ago due to my personal experience.....my beliefs are more about the soul, and its evolution (almost scientific in a way....)

    That is not to say I do not believe in God (Goddess, etc) or do not find solace in prayer, I just have my 'own' way of doing things......

    Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.....thanks for listening to me........I feel I need to find this on my own....follow my heart as Lori already said....I feel lost at times, and am missing that 'something'.....intend on finding it, though.....

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  12. Harmony

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    I will not address what a Unitarian Universalist is, as I have never known anyone in that "religion".

    But I would like to add that I don't like to use the word "religion" either. To me, my faith is not about a certain denomination or "religion". It is about what the Bible says and what my personal relationship with God is about. My faith is based on the truth of the Word of God.

    I go to church(when I feel well enough) to worship him in a setting with other people who believe as I do and to help me grow in my faith. I also want to do what I can to help people see their need of a Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I agree, it is a personal decision that each has to search their own heart with. No one can decide for us.

    But my church does not fill that void of "something missing". It is knowing Christ and trusting in Him. He gives us hope that the world or any "religion" cannot give.


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