What is a Wiccan...for those who may want to know more...

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    Wicca, is an earth based spiritual path, based upon belief in both masculine and feminine aspects of Deity. We call those aspects God/Goddess.

    Unlike most many religions, we actually use a *Symbolic* pantheon based upon ancient Gods and Goddess' that are most likely familiar with through fairy tales and mythology.

    Our *Holy Days* are based upon the sun/moon and seasons. The year for us begins with what most people call *Halloween*. Without going into great detail, we honor our ancestors that have died before us on this night. We do not consider it evil or dark or anything of the sort. It is a part of the Cycle of Life.

    Then comes Winter Soltice, or as most call it *Yule*. This is our Winter celebration, honoring the *Return* of the sun. Many of our practises are much older than other religions for this holy day.

    We also celebrate, Imbolc, on Feb 2nd, Ostara on Spring Equinox, Beltaine on May 1st, Midsummer on the Summer Solstice and Lammas on August 1st, and finally teh Vernal Equinox is our celebration of Mabon.

    All of our celebrations are based upon the seasons and cycles of life on earth. We celebrate the fullness of harvests, the barenness of winter, teh new green of the coming spring, and the fullness of hte summer seasons.

    I have been practising this faith, even before I *Knew* it's name. Wiccans honour life in all it's wonderous forms.

    The one rule we mainly live by if from the Rede, or Wiccan Rede as it is known more formally:

    " 'An it harm none, do as thou wilt"

    Most of us have similar but varied beliefs and I would be happy share any other info that anyone may want to learn of.

    I shared that I have been a *Priestess* on my Path for 20+ years. In our religion, anyone who dedicates themselves honestly to the Olde Ones, as we call them, is then a Priest or Priestess. I have had covens, and have also taught *Teaching Circles* but always I am within my Spiritual dedication, even in the bad times, it remains.

    Ok..I think I have rambled on enough, the fog is getting a bit thick at the moment...battling with my 10 y/o son about doing his homework at almost 9pm....sigh.

    I am open to any honest and sincere questions about my beliefs and enjoy sharing about then....

    BLessings and Namaste,

    PS if you do a seatch for the Religious Tolerance sites, you can learn a more *Open view* of Wicca, rather than my side of it..though I do try to be unbiased and open. [This Message was Edited on 09/01/2003]
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    I found that site today after reading your post, and read some of the frequent questions and answer info. I didn't get all the way through it though..It's very informative.
    I live in New Mexico, and many of my friends at work (when I could work)are Native American (Pueblo Indians) and although they don't dicuss their beliefs much as they are traditional and sacred to them, What I was able to learn,was very similar to Wicca. They are now preparing their soltice ceremonies. These men go to a spot in their sacred mountian, don't eat for several days, and don't sleep for three days. They offer up prayers to the Creator, not for themselves, but for all of the needs of there family and friends. Some die from the physical strain, so they take it seriously, and it is a great sacrifice to them.
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    Yes our beliefs are very similar and our practises as well. Both paths honor the earth and all the life upon it.

    Blessings and Namaste,
    (who is still pretty much asleep at the moment)
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    One, I know is no longer coming here, but there are no doubt others here. Thank you for sharing about your beliefs and practices with us.

    I am a Christian, but I also celebrate the changing of the seasons, even though I live where there are only two seasons, Hot and Hotter :)

    Welcome again to our wonderful board.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was a Catholic nun for 18 years, and have been studying various philosophies since then. The other day I took the "What are your beliefs?" test, on another website. I was surprised to find out that I had answered as 100% Neo-Pagan, and 96% Buddhist. I have been trying to find someone with whom I could speak, but I have recently moved to a small mountain town that, to my disappointmtnt, is VERY conservative. The phone book is no help and websites I have found are far away. I am glad I found you.
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    point of view.

    Our religion is actually based upon a religion that long pre-dated Christianity. We have experienced a renaissance in our beliefs in recent years. The Mother Goddess was a strong figure in even early man, as was the God of the Hunt.

    You can obviously see, these beliefs do not follow along with the *Creation Story* as told in Genisis. Just for reference, I was raised Christian, and have been *Saved* a couple of times. I am well versed in theology as well, though not as well as my hubby is.

    In early tribal peoples, well before the coming of Jesus, there was a Hunter figure, that was honoured as a God, and a Mother (think fertility of crops and game and people) figure that was honoured as a Goddess.

    This is where the basis of our beliefs come from.

    As for being blasphemous, since Wiccans do not believe in the Bible as the *Word of God* in the way that Christians believe, we cannot be blasphemous against something w do not believe in. No offense is meant here. I personally believe Jesus was a Great Prophet and Teacher, but no more than that.

    The same holds true with Satan. He is a Christian symbol, and we do not believe in him. At All. Satanism was purposefully created in England by some people at odds with the church at the time, in order to attack the church.

    I hope this answers your question about worshipping a God/dess and blasphemy.

    I am open for discussion about almost any aspect of my religion/spiritual path with anyone, who would like to discuss it, as long as it is done respectfully. I respect others religions and only ask for the same.

    Please note, I am not trying to be...Hmmmm, what's the best way to put this....(plain and simple) I have been attacked and had many hateful and devestating things said/done to me about my religion, so I am very cautious when discussing it with people. THis is out of concern for myself and my family's well being, and nothing against honest people who want to learn more.

    I will happily answer/discuss it with anyone here, until I see a sign of negativity.

    I mean no offense and hope you all understand my concerns.

    Namaste and Blessings,
  7. RhainyC

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    Ask any question you might want to ask, and also, a good place to look is site called Religious Tolerance. If you do a search on Google or another search engine, the site is easy to find.

    I am guessing since you say you *Were* a nun, you are not any longer?

    Ready and willing to share with you and any one who is open minded and wants knowledge.

    Namaste and Blessings,

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