what is acupuncture/

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  1. homesheba

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    i am reading your posts and its about needles?
    does it do something for pain?
    does it really really work ?
    and does insurance cover it?
    do you have the needles in all your body?
  2. Pianowoman

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    Acupuncture is a form of Chinese Medicine. They believe that energy( chi) runs through a series of meridians up and down the body. That energy can get blocked and can be the cause of many illnesses. The tiny needles that are inserted are to unblock that energy so it runs freely again.

    Where the needles are inserted, depends on what your complaint is. You would likely have needles in several different areas. As I said the needles are very tiny and there is very little discomfort.

    I have had acupuncture for many years and it is one of the things that does help. It helps the pain, relaxes me and helps with energy. Often one needs a series of treatments or more to get relief.

    There is lots of info both here and on the Internet to help you understand.

  3. rockgor

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    The needles are really thin. Even if you feel it go in, the sensation is less than a shot (injection).

    When I had it done the acupuncturist stuck needles mainly in the arms, a few in the neck, ears and feet. Maybe 15 to 20 in all.

    Was expensive ($70) about 15 years or so ago. About as effective as eating M&Ms. But some people find it helpful.
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    I tried it for 10 weeks and my insurance covered 10 sessions then I had to start paying for it. I'm one who doesn't love any type of needles but I was very desperate. I got to the point of if I just would lay or sit on a very soft surface it felt like a really hard brick after awhile. The first couple of sessions made it worse I also have terrible dizziness and vertigo. The after the 4th session I noticed it did help my hips, back and leg pain and that weird brick feeling. Then on my sessions after that it started to get worse again especially the pain. I say give it a try it could help and even if it helps you a little bit, it's worth it.
    Your CFS support buddy,
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    There is a lot of information about acupunture already on your post, so I'll tell you what happens at my visits and what has happened to me:

    My acupuncturist is also a Chinese Herbalist. At every visit, we tak, and then he takes my pulse the Chinese way: three pulses on each wrist. These are pulses that come from the vital organs. Then he looks at my tongue, and then we talk.

    When it comes time for him to put needles into me, he tells me what they are for, and then he carefully inserts a thin needle at various points. He measures for these points, which correstond to the points on the chart that he has, and which indicate the enegry meridians that go through the body.

    The first visit I wore a gown. Now, I simply lift my pants to my knees and roll up my sleeves.I have great difficulty laying down, so he does my treatments with me sitting in a chair. After the needles are inserted, he turns on soft music and dims the lights. He then leaves for 20 minutes or so. He comes back in 20 minutes to activatethe needles, and then leaves for another 20 minutes.After that, he returns to remove the needles. Tells me to take it slowely, I pay and they I leave.

    Does it jurt? Usually it hurts a little. If there is one area that is very ill, and he puts a needle in the muscle (some are put just sub-cutaneously), then that hurts. A certain amount of pain is necessary, beause it will be there if he hits the point (Like a fibro point). The pain only lasts a second. Usuallyit is only like a pin prick, if that.

    Beause of Acupuncture, I can now read for longer periods, my brain fog is 95% gone, my Fibro pain is almost gone, my lungs are clearing up, my Rheumatoid Arthritis is relieved. So, I feel it's helping me.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.