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  1. Annette2

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    I called my rheumy today because my hands still hurt a lot. When I saw her last month she told me to take the Mobic I had, but it isn't helping. So she made an appt. for me to have an EMG tomorrow morning. What is an EMG? What do they do? Does it hurt? I'd appreciate any information before tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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    The dr will put an itty bitty tiny needle in your muscle. Then he will have you contract the muscle. I'm not sure exactly what happens, but it's hooked to a computer and they can read it right then. I think it reads the electrical charge that your muscles release up use. It depends on how much of your body is affected as to how much they do. I was being checked for polymyositis so I had it done in my hands, arms legs and feet. I'm not gonna lie, it does hurt a little. But, it's quick! And, I had a lot of places done and only one little spot even bled, then only a little. I'm guessing they are checking you for carpal tunnel since it's in your hand, but of course don't know that. Let me know how you come out and if there are any questions I'll try to answer.
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    Thanks for your reply! I think she is looking for carpal tunnel. I'm in so much pain sometimes. I'll let you know tomorrow how it turns out!

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    Although I actually went in to find out about poly, I did find that I had carpal tunnel, too. I already knew it without the Dr., but they want to do surgery and I'm not ready for that yet. If, by chance, you do have carpal tunnel and they give you any advice other than surgery, I'd appreciate it if you could share :) Maybe exercises or something. Good luck to ya. You might be a little sore afterwards so take some ibuprofen or pain med if you have some, and take it after even if you don't feel you need it. The soreness set in a little later, but it didn't last a long time and it wasn't really bad. Ibuprofen worked like a charm and I couldn't see or feel anything by night. Not like fibro pain or anything, just a little uncomfortable. BTW, I'm a really big baby so take everything I say with a grain of salt :) Lendi
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    I believe they give steroid injections as a treatment for carpal tunnel. I had both wrists operated on at once and it was very satisfactory. It was many years ago so it has lasted very well. Repetitive movement is a no no after the surgery or you can have the same problem again.
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    Probably this comes too late to help much! I just had an EMG, both feet & hands. Lendi gave you a good description. It is a little uncomfortable, but not terribly so-----I've had much worse procedures. And, as Lendi said, it's quick. My doctor was looking for neuropathy in my case (due to recurrent hand & foot pain, esp. in toes & fingers) but didn't find any. He did find that the lack of feeling I'm having in my little fingers (they aren't totally numb, but they tend to kind of "hang there" when I type, etc.) is due to pinched ulnar nerves in both my elbows---so I am having steroid shots there today (I have had them in my neck before for cervical disc disease---helpful in my case---these are much less invasive, smaller amount of steroid, smaller needle). Anyway, good luck today, you just may find the answer to why your hands are so painful. Let us know what you find out!

    Good luck,
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    I don't mean to frighten you but I had such intense pain during and after my EMG, I thought I was being tortured. I didn't scream or cry but I certainly felt like I wanted to. The doctor and the intern said I tolerated it better than most but they didn't realize that I was screaming inside and I went home and was in bed all the next day. Everyone reacts differently so maybe you will do okay. I will NEVER let them perform that test on me again.
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    "The EMG is a test designed to determine how well the muscles in the different parts of the body are functioning. It involves putting very fine wires into the muscles in the arms, or legs, or back and recording muscle responses both at rest and with activity. This may also produce some minor discomfort."

    I had one to diagnose carpal tunnel, and it was also, for me, one of the most painful things I've ever gone through.

    Good luck.

  9. Lendi

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    Hope all went well and it wasn't too painful. Just thinking about you. Gentle hugs, Lendi