what is best time and way to take probiotics

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    should one take probiotics w/meals-between meals-or after? also I read so many conflicting things about them til it gets confusing. do they get destroyed by stomach acid? do they have to reach the colon to do any good. also what type is needed when dealing w/throat thrush. thanks mimmic
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    You take them on an empty stomach because they are destroyed by stomach acid, unless they have an enteric coating.

    I don't know the best kind for thrush. However, I do know that virgin coconut oil is very effective at killing candida. You take 1 or 2 tablespoons a day- it melts in the mouth (it melts at 76 degrees). I would start with one tablespoon a day for a few days, see how you do, and then increase to 2.

    When I took it for candida several years ago, I had a very strong herxheimer reaction - the coconut oil was very effective but it made me very tired for several days as it was killing the candida. So go slow.

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    I would recommend a probiotic that has multiple strains (10 is good), a high organism count (such as 50 Billion) that includes acidophilus. The ProHealth store has a good one: https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/PH480

    Increase the dose until the thrush is gone.

    I take mine at night on an empty stomach so they have all night to work in my intestinal tract.

    I agree with Mary about the coconut oil. I use Nutiva brand organic extra virgin coconut oil. It is good for healing candida and so many other things.


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    mary I saw your post before about coconut oil for thrush. tried it. by the very k it helped my throat it starts making me so weak and lifeless I couldn't .stand it. tried more than 1 time and that was on 1/2 tsp. or less and garlic did the same thing. I am now trying probiotics and eating yogurt throughout day. thanks for your response. im not on here much because im just not able to. Carolyn
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    Be sure the probiotic contains FOS which helps it get to the gut. All of ProHealth's products go through vigorous vetting for quality and their probiotic is excellent. I use it. Probiotics help prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome, a very serious threat to health.

    Love, Mikie
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    Further to Mikie's note about Leaky Gut Syndrome. (also see my post on news and research).

    Complex probiotics can help reduce this as can high quality bovine colostrum which has been shown to improve the protein function of "tight junctions". (Leaky Gut) So I do recommend taking a probiotic "10" mix with bovine colostrum.

    To help reduce the pro-inflammatory Th17 system also consider:
    Vitamin D3 5000iu
    DHA/EPA mix 2 grams twice daily
    Curcumin (95%) 1.5 grams-3 grams twice daily.
    Zinc Carnosine to protect your stomach and provide zinc
    magnesium 400mg twice daily

    You could add vitamin K2, 1mg daily to be sure that your vitamin D is properly utilized andcalcium metabolism is normal
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