What is bicillen

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    What is this shot. Is it general term for antibiotics. Thank you for info.
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    it's a specific penicillin abx, here's some info from remedyfind:

    A preparation called Bicillin etc. (Benzathine Penicillin) is slowly absorbed into the circulation, after intramuscular injection, and is the drug-of-choice when prolonged low concentrations of benzylpenicillin are required and appropriate, allowing prolonged antibiotic action over 2-4 weeks after a single IM dose. Bicillin etc. (Benzathine Penicillin) is useful for treatment of syphilis and strep throat. Studies have demonstrated that because of its long term effect, benzathine penicillin treatment is effective against chronic Lyme disease. Intramuscular benzathine penicillin is sometimes effective in patients who do not respond to oral and intravenous antibiotics.

    Hope that helps... hope you have a good LLMD (Lyme-Literate MD)... different abx work on different varieties of Lyme, it's estimated there are over 100 varieties here in the USA.

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