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    What IS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome??

    A neurological disorder - characterized by lesions on the surface of the brain, probably caused by a virus. The lesions affect your memory, cognition, coordination, mood, and ability to function normally.
    A disease affecting the immune system - generally regarded as an up-regulation of immune complexes, making the immune system unable to perform reliably. You become increasingly sensitive to medicine, allergans, viruses, bacteria. You often have swollen glands and a low-grade fever.
    A disease of the endocrine system - notable by your hypersensitivity to stressors. Both eustress (the good kind of stress) and distress (the bad kind) cause severe physical and emotional reactions to your environment, often exacerbating your fatigue and making you more susceptible to viral and bacterial illness and lowering your tolerance for even moderate mental, physical, and emotional activity. Your body is unable to control the 'fight or flight' response.
    A condition of cellular fatigue - individual cells within the body (immune system cells, blood cells, digestive cells etc.) all perform poorly. Cell shapes appear deformed. Cellular metabolism is performed poorly, creating deficits in the body directly related to poor oxygenation, poor blood perfusion, and cellular nutritional deficiency.

    The newest research of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has led to the discovery, by Dr. Robert Shuadolnik at Temple University, of a specific enzyme deficiency in persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (PWC's). This enzyme, RNase-L, is responsible for cellular metabolism and cellular efficiency. This research may provide an explanation for the disease, as well as give physicians a method for diagnosing the illness based on objective findings in blood or urine, instead of the subjective method of diagnosis that exists at this point.
    While this research is very promising, money to continue studies is lacking. CFS research is largely supported by patient organizations, and government support is very little. I urge you to participate actively in support for research of this disease. Someone you know is suffering from it; I garauntee it

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