What is electroconduction test?

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    Has anyone had it? Does it hurt? I'm having it on the left leg and arm July 1.
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    a nerve conduction or EMG test? I've had both of those, for carpal tunnel diagnosis and I forget what else. The nerve conduction test wasn't so bad, the sensation was more like when you hit your funny bone. The EMG, on the other hand, HURT. This is the one where needles are inserted into muscles. I guess everyone reacts differently to the tests. Several members of this board have posted previously that neither test bothered them, and several others experienced pain during one or the other. For me, the EMG was NOT pleasant.

    "What is an EMG test?

    An EMG or electromyogram (ee-lehk-troh-MIE-oh-gram) and nerve conduction test can be done on any person without prior preparation or medication. The nerve conduction test measures the rate at which impulses travel through a nerve.

    How is the test performed?

    It is done by stimulating a nerve in the arm or leg with a very small current and then recording it. This produces very minor sensations much like a static-electricity shock. It can be stopped at any time you feel any discomfort.

    What can I expect from an EMG?

    The EMG is a test designed to determine how well the muscles in the different parts of the body are functioning. It involves putting very fine wires into the muscles in the arms, or legs, or back and recording muscle responses both at rest and with activity. This may also produce some minor discomfort. The patient's relaxation and cooperation is essential in any of these tests. Your personal physician may prescribe a medication to help you relax."

    Good luck when you have yours!

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    I feel better knowing what will happen.

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    Hi ... I just ahd it on legs etc........
    I had heard horror storie and was scared and all workd up.

    It was absolutely nothing ............didnt hurt a bit !!!
    I would do it over in a minute !!
    Of course I tested positive for periphial neuropothy in the lower extremities somaybe this is whuy itdint hurt.....I am numb !!!!!!
    good luck....
    dont be scared