what is emg test

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  1. vnr27

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    my cousin said it hurts going tonight to neuro fo it thanks val
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    I had an EMG test done on my legs on Friday. I was very nervous because I had heard some horror stories. Mine was nothing like that. The first part of the test was the Nerve Conduction test, where they hook up little electrodes and they give you little shocks and do some measurments.
    That was not painful at all. The second part, the EMG, they stuck very thin needles in different muscles in my legs and asked me to move my leg a certain way at some points or just lay there and do nothing. This was not painful at all! Trust me, I am a big chicken and it did not hurt. I guess everyone is different, but my Neuro did the test and he said that if an inexperienced technician does the test it could be painful. I was fine! I went out shopping for 2 hours afterwards and I could not even tell where the needles had gone in. No marks or bruising at all!
    I hope your experience is as good as mine was. I would not hesitate to have this test done again. Good luck!
  3. vnr27

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    what do they try to find out im getting the upper shoulder arm sometimes numb sometimes pain thinggoing on val glad u were ok
  4. GooGooGirl

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    I found this on the web. Hope it helps.


    What is it?
    Electromyography, also called EMG, or Electrodiagnostic Medicine, is a medical subspecialty that involves testing of nerves and muscles.

    Depending on the question, the consultant can look for nerve or nerve root injuries, illnesses of the nerves, or muscle disease. It's important for patients to know that the test does not prove the existence of pain, and a negative test does not mean a person doesn't hurt.

    Information for patients:
    Before the test the doctor will talk to the patient about his or her medical problem and perform a brief examination. Then there are two parts to the test.

    The Nerve Conduction Studies test the electricity which muscles and nerves create naturally. The doctor will tape wires to the skin and give a series of electrical stimulations. The machine times how fast nerves carry signals to arm or leg muscles. (in many nerves the signal travels about 120 miles per hour!) Although the suddenness of the stimulation may surprise some, most people are fairly comfortable during nerve conduction studies.

    Electromyography, the second part of the test, allows the consultant to see if the nerve that goes from the spinal cord to individual muscles is damaged. The doctor puts a thin sterile pin into selected muscles and listens and watches a TV screen for signals from the muscle. Patients are able to hear sounds from the machine when they barely move a muscle. For much of the test, it's necessary to relax the muscle. For other parts, the patient will be asked to slightly tense the muscle being tested. The pin may be a little uncomfortable, but the pain is usually acceptable (the pin is much thinner than the needles used to draw blood samples).

  5. aniek

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    My experience of an EMG was very different than GooGooGirl's. Both parts of the test were extremely painful. However, it doesn't take very long. My advice would be to stay relaxed and make sure they give you something to squeeze in your hand that not's being tested. Overall, it was very acute and sharp pain, but it did take my mind off all the other pain I have. In a weird way, that was a relief.

    Afterwards, I met a friend for hot chocolate and shopping. So treat yourself to something special tonight.
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    I'm sorry your test was so painful. Like I said, I guess everyone is different and it may also depend on which part of your body they are testing. I could feel the needles go in but it was only a very slight "pinch" but no pain. My test was also over quickly. I was in and out in less than a half hour.
  7. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    now i know what to expect thanks again,val
  8. aniek

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