What is fibro pain and what is not , that is the question?

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  1. rosemarie

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    My pain has changed over this winter and i am a bit confused as to what is a result of fibro and waht is not.teh first is Pian in my rib cage, ribs are tender to the touch and some times during a storm they just ache so deeply that I can't deal with this over whelming pain so deep. Is this a part of having fibro?
    The guidelines of fibro have been centered around having all 18 tender points,which I have adn right now all 18 tender points are just that tender. On the side of my knee's I have pain simialar to a deep bruise but with out the bruise part. My bones ache , it feels like I have broken bones when I have not. Is this fibro? Because of lack of sleep , Iam sleep deprived all the time, is this fibro?
    I have many questoins like the one s I haev asked here but I dont' have a doctor who can tell me what is fibro related and waht is realated to the arthritis, DDD, spinal stenosis, osteo arthritis in my left wrist where I shattered my left wrist adn broke the radius . When I did this in 2004 it was a serious break and requuuuried surgery so I have a titaium plate adn 6 screws { one of the screws has come loose} Now it wiggles causeing me more pain the only cure for this is to have the hardware removed. The surgery will cause more pain and I am worried htat it would result in a flare that is over whelmingly painfull. When I had the break fixed I was to have a cathiter placed inside of the wound filled with numbing meds so that i would not be in constant pain. But it got screwed up and I ended up having to ask my ortho to make sure that i could ask for pain meds when I needed them ont one the usual q4h .
    If I have all the hardware removed I am nervous about being a klutz and rebreaking it and once again needing surgery.
    I dont' know what is pain caused by fibro and waht is not any more. I don't have a doctor who will talk to me about this question, he is a rehumy and wants to do all the injections in muy joints and when I have done those I ended up in more pain and could not walk for days with out crutches.
    In the first years after I was dx, I had a good doctor who talked with me monthly, and explained any and all questions I had at the time. But due to other problems this doctor does not practice pain management any more. No one really does if the treatment is narcotic;s. All docotrs are afarid of them adn all the bad press about them addiction ect.
    I need some one who I can talk to about what is causeing my pain is it fibro or something else?
    i don't know what to do any more about my unansered questions. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your time.
  2. Nanie46

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    Sorry you are feeling so bad.

    Aching to the bone, arthritis, muscle pain, sleep problems....it sounds like you may have a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) and bartonella (ribcage pain).

    These infections are often found together.

    Please look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 and the bartonella and other coinfection info on pages 22-27...


    Also a great resource...


    Many, many, many people first diagnosed with FM, CFS, arthritis, etc later found out that the cause of their illness was the complex bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and related common coinfections like Bartonella, Babesia and Ehrlichia, etc.

    Dr's like to give their patients a diagnosis and then they think their job is done. They do not address finding the actual cause for you though, leaving you suffering forever.
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  3. Mikie

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    I'm so sorry for all you've been through. In my long experience with FMS, it can be almost impossible to ascertain exactly what is caused by FMS and what comes from other problems. When we have FMS, our CNS's are "programmed" to produce pain signals. It seems to me that any kind of pain we have can be amplified. As you know, The Guai treatment helped me tremendously with FMS pain but I still have to use NSAIDS for other pain when it appears. I have always had tender sides and ribs. FMS isn't confined to just the "official" tender points. The rheumy who dianosed me always runs his finger down the shins and if the person flinches, he considers it FMS. I've always had very tender shins and so did Mom, who also had FMS.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Puddleglum

    Puddleglum New Member

    Has your dr. asked you about Costcondritis (sp?)
    Its the inflammtion around your rib cage...very painful.

  5. karynwolfe

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    Bartonella causes ribcage pain...? Wow. That makes so much more sense for me, now (since I do have a very angry bartonella infection). How interesting!

    I'm so sorry for your suffering and pain, rosemarie. To have ALL of that going on at once sounds like something systemic going on; it's not normal for someone to have that many bone and joint problems and just keep racking up diagnoses.

    My fibromyalgia never affected my joints. I didn't know what it WAS to have joint pain until I got additional illnesses (in my case it was Lyme) that actually did affect my joints, and htat pain was horrible. So as for your question of what's Fibro pain, it's widespread MUSCLE pain that can affect the tendons and ligaments of the joints (makes it hard to bend and move especially when it's cold), but it DOES NOT cause inflammation or swelling or destroy the joints themselves. I hope you can find the root of your problems.


  6. Janalynn

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    I'm not sure a Dr. is going to be able to tell you exactly what all of your pain is from either. He/she may say what they suspect. However if you have wrist pain, well that's problem from the issue with your wrist not fibro. If you can get some of your other issues treated (besides the wrist because I know you dont want to do that) I'd see if you can do that.

    Karen said it right. Fibro doesn't cause swellilng or inflammation. There is no damage being done to your body. Yes it can feel like broken bones, that's what mine feels like - like it's to the bone kind of pain. The nerves in our muscles are misfiring signals. That doesn't mean it always feels like muscle pain. I always thought it was bone pain until my Dr. explained it to me years ago, it's everything AROUND the bone. The pain doesn't have to be anywhere near the tender points. That's just where they test to see if those "points" are tender upon examination.

    Maybe see a different Dr. instead of a Fibro doc since you're having a tough time finding one and since you have so many other things going on. The things they can't treat, you will know are most likely your fibro pain.
    Do you have another Dr. who is helping with your arthritis, stenosis etc.?

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