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    Just when I think I have this dd figured out some thing new happens to me. I had a massage about 2 weeks ago . It was a birthday presant from my middle daughter and she also included her sisters and got them massages. My oldest daughter broke out with a reash the day of of the massage and it itched really badly,but I just boke out with this bumps that looked like they were ingrown hairs. And maybe I had not used a sharp new razor and the problem is that they are still forming. And I don't know what to do?

    They are on my back and I don't shave that and my legs, on my thighs really have alot of them as does my calves. I haev trired to use just lotion that had oatmeal in it so that it would not be one to cause a reaction. But I still am getting them. I guess that they would do better if I would stop picking at them when they form this bump with a head on it and the itch so I scratch them and then the bups will have this white circle around them. I have used a antibiotic cream and called my doctor who told me to use a cortizone cream on them too.

    I don't know what to do about this problem or why this is happening now. I want to have them STOP and leave me alone. I am so tired of having these bumps that are all itchy and rub against my legs. What is going on with my body it is being so weird.

    I have had so much more pan and stiffness in my back and legs. I had just thought ath things were setting down for a while , I guess that is what I get for thinking on my own. I some times wonder if if all the diease that I have some times battle against them selves.

    The fibro seems to do the strangest things when you least think about it,you go for a walk and suddenly you are so tired that you can barly walk home. I get tired in the early evening. I have not taken anything but suddenly I am so sleepy that I will doze off and I have NO control of this. I don't want to sleep so I will try to get up and do things to keep me moving around but I get so exhusted that I have to lay down and then wil will be of dozing in a matter of minutes and it is so hard to wake my self up but once I am wake I am wide awake and don't go back to sleep.

    I am so tired today and I want so much to do all that I used to do even though I know I can't do. But fibro is not the only problem I have, along with the fibro I have degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis in my knees and wirst, and also chronic myeofacial pain syndorome. So I think I hvae fallen apart now .

    I really wonder what started this rash or bumps on my legs that I have,as I hvae no clue as what to do? I have tried eveything that I can think of and it is not going away but not gettting owrse, the bumps will start to go away and then more will appear from nowhere. What am I doing wrong?

    I am just tired all the time and I don't like it. I would say that it is from thej nacotic's pain pills thatI take but I have reduced them to 2-3 a day unless I have a bad day, and I don't take the soma till night as it makes me tired and very sleepy. I guess that my body is just fighting with it's self and is doing starnge things to me.

    My daughter brought with her some bath products from LUSH and I love them, I have used the snuggle lotion bar and i love it as it is had a bvery nice smell to it but not really strong.

    It has cammomile and lavender in it and so does the dream cream.When you first open it , you may not like the smell but after it has been on your body for a few minutes it smells so sweet and softly and leaves your skin very soft and is made not to bother your skin it says that it is for troubled skin, so with my skin doing this I thought it might help and it has not gotten worse but not better either.

    And I love the snuggle bar it is so nice and smells great and it has a powder in it and it really good but my skin is really sensitive when I sctach it it hurts me a little back.

    She also brought home some bath bombs but I didn't really liek them like I ddo the luxuery bath melts called dream time and it does make you sleepy and relaxed. It has both cammomile and laveneder in it and it is so great and I only have one bar left so I am saving it for a day when I really need it.

    I think I may have to order more before the weather gets warm and the stuff melts. I have uesed the bath melts before and the lotion bar so I know that they are not what is bothing me. But I really am stupmed about this situatation, and I don't have any coue as to what has cuased this.

    I reamember that I used to get this kind of rash when i was younger and it them too looked like I had small ingrown hairs like I had not uesed enough bath soap to sahve me legs or i used a dull razor. I really don't know what is going on with this body of mine just has it 's own tihng that it does. and I don't have any control over what it is doing.

    It could just be that I am falling apart and have no control over what my body is doing now to me. I am so sleep that I need to go to bed. I am so tired and need some sleep but my legs are itching so I will put some gold bond on them to ease this itching. Andthen I will go to bed and hope that I will sleep the rest of the night.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on and on and on . I am just needing more sleep.I have a tough time staying alseep during the night. I hate this feeling of being so sleepy and not beign able to fall alseep. But off to my bed I go and hope that sleep will come soon to me. I also hope that this reah will ease up and stop comeming back to me so thatmy legs don't look like I din't use a sharp reazor on them , Maybe I am vain but I like to have soft smooth legs not thiese bumpy looking legs that look icky. I really want my own body back now and the sooner the better.

    So I am off to the bed now and hope that sleep will come fast and I will get the same sleep I need.
    Many hugs to all,
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    try some benedryl tablets...

    if not gone sometime soon in a couple of days i would have it checked out...i know their is a flesch eating bacteria that people have picked up in nail salons...both from the pedicures and manicures, aswell as the artificial nails...i just haven't heard about massage tables....in salons...but i don't know why they could not catch it there too....

    keep a good eye on it

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    i would agree it sounds like an allergic reaction, but it may not be the masseuse's fault. i got a deep massage last august and had a terrible histamine response. no rash, but lot of sneezing like i get from pollen. histamine is released any time the mast cells on muscles are ruptured (like during a massage). for some reason, we seem more sensitive to histamine perhaps due to having an excessive amount already circulating in our bodies. in any case, i would try the benadryl that someone else suggested or take mega doses of vitamin c (an anti-histamine) for a couple days.


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