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    I started having symptoms 11 years ago like I had said, and was put on Minocycline 100 mg every other night for Fibromyalgia since all diseases were ruled out and that was an experimental antibiotic therapy for microplasma. I had a herx reaction then after a few months, I felt better. However, I noticed in the last few years my energy had gotten A LOT worse and I have sinus infections/allergies/asthma like it is my job! Kept taking antibiotics and nothing seemed to really help. I definately started having yeast problems everywhere too. So now I am pretty sure I have had Candida all along. I am on Diflucan right now for thrush and candida esophagitis and I'm definately feeling the die off. And I was pondering whether I should get Threelac and now I think I should. I went off of Minocycline to see if maybe that was keeping my Candida around all these years? I really don't want to be taking anything to help the Candida stay alive but I am also worried about possible Microplasma buildup which is one theory behind FMS that the Mincocycline takes care of? Would love responses:)
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    Have you tried taking Nystatin? It is real good in pill form and in mouth rinse for thrush. I use it all the time, it is good stuff!

    Just my 2 cents!
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    They help balance the good bacteria which the ABX kills off, along with the bad stuff. They help keep the gut from developing fungal infections and spreading them to other areas of the body.

    I think we really have to fight all chrinic infections, fungal, bacterial, and viral. Many of us have chronic viral infections, especially in the Herpes Family.

    Love, Mikie