What Is Happening To Me?!

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by brettstoll35, Oct 27, 2003.

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    I have noticed a dramatic change in me over the past month. i have gained more than 100lbs. my belly has grown more than 20 inches. everyone at school is making fun of me. i have gone to the body fat percentage calculaters and they say my body fat % is 75% i can barely move. i have noticed i have been eating way more. but the thing is, i start eating and i will be sitting down for like 2 hours eating and eating. i could really use some help.
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    I can understand how bad you are feeling.Has the weight gain been in one month or the changes to your stomach?You may be depressed and that can cause you less energy and cause you to eat more.Especially you may crave high carb foods.If you think you are depressed I hope you can get some help.Medication and therapy can make a difference.Just know SOME antidepressants can cause weight gain so let a doctor know that concern.I also gained a lot of weight and lacked energy So I feel for you.First off don't be so hard on yourself-see a professional and they can help.Try to take one step at a time-first,try to eliminate some bread from your diet.When you want to sit and eat try to push to get up and find something to do.I hope things will get better for you and come right here to get the support you need. Lana56
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    I commiserate with you on the weight gain. I have a couple of suggestions. Some doctors think that weight gain can be caused, in part, by allergies. Now I don't mean severe allergies, where one can't breathe, but sensitivities, indicating that one's body cannot tkake certain things. With me it is wheat. One sandwich and It looks like I have gained 10 pounds, and the weight stays on, until I go for a time (usually a week or two) with absolutely no wheat. You mention that ou are still in school. You should check with your parents before you do anything, and why don't you ask them if you can have a thorough allergy and sensitivity test? (I don't mean a little blood test that tests only 10 things). Also, if you loose your self, while eating, why not try to remain really conscious whle you are eating? Put down our fork between each bite, and chew slowly. Portion out what you plan to eat,set it in front of you, write it down and when you have eaten that, get up and do some thing fun? Most of all, see a professional - one that you like, and feel has your best interest at heart. I wish you luck and will say a little prayer for your success. Remember - you are a worthwhile and valuable person. Don't put yourself down for this. Ignore the mean kids at school, and know that you are a wonderful being. Hugs, Terry
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    I agree with Bobbyray, you need to get to a Dr. I think you need a complete physical to rule out some medical problem.