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    can someone tell me what is the symtoms of a heax...im drinking kefir now for 2 weeks, right now i feel drunk, is this a heax...it just started tonight....
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    Hi street, I think you can find a lot of information on the internet if you search for "herx" or "herxheimer reaction" =)
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    Alcohol is a byproduct of fermentation. Beer is fermentation of yeast on grains, wine is fermentation of bacteria on fruit juices. Alcohol is also produced in the colon on...yes...fermentation of sugars.

    Kefir contains 10 probiotic bacterias. Per Brenda Watson of Renew Life, bacterias eat up yeasts esp. Candida Albicans.

    Killing off Candida A. produces a "die-off" reaction, which was discovered by Dr. Herxheimer.
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    A herx reaction is caused by toxins released in the die-off of pathogens. So if the kefir is helping kill yeast in your system, it could be causing a herx reaction.

    Several years ago I took virgin coconut oil for yeast. It worked very well, and it made me herx, but I didn't feel drunk. What I felt was just really crappy - very very tired and achy, and it lasted about 11 days. But it worked.

    So I don't know about feeling drunk, if that's a herx reaction.

    Does your kefir have sugar in it? Cause that might be defeating the purpose of drinking it, if it's to get rid of yeast.

    I remember you writing about yeast problems before. One or two tablespoons a day of virgin coconut oil work really well to get rid of yeast. But you do need good probiotics also, which should be in the kefir.