What is helping for me.

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    Not that I have been running a marathon, but I find exercising helps a lot! I started with a cycle on Qvc. You sit on your bed or sofa and pedal away. Costs about $30, and if you have a debit/credit card, can make monthly payments when offered. I cycled a few minutes a day til I got up to 30 minutes for most days. Now, I am on a Huge super duper stationary bike with all the blank and whistles. My sis-in-law works for a second hand store, and gifted it to me!

    I use to hate the word exercise, believe me! But I find that it helps me move better, and yes it hurts. I am still overweight, but lost 40 pounds. Still can not resist sweets which puts me out for days at a time. Fatigue and sleep are still bad! I take fish oil, which helps me with energy.

    Doc just increased the Cymbalta, and I slept a few hours the first week. I'll need another increase. I am looking for a hair loss treatment that really works. My hair used to be thick, no more.

    I am wondering what my life purpose is since I am not working. Miss working, and making a diiference!


    ******Edited Nov 8,2009***** Rather then start a new message, I thought I would add to this one, since it involves Cymbalta. I am fit to be tide this evening! My husband was @ the pharmacy earlier to pick up my new script for a higher dose of cymbalta. $200 for 90mg of Cymbalta, and I have insurance, or shall I say, a medicare supplement. My doctor knows I am on a fixed income? or I guess it bares repeating. You wonder if they are paying attention at all. You are sick, on disability, on a fixed income, and can afford $200 p/m for one medication? I had been taking sanples he gave me until I got this new script. Teaches me a lesson, to not assume, and keep tabs on your health![This Message was Edited on 11/08/2009]
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    I was able to ever so slowly build up also. It is the only thing that I do at this point. It keeps me walking and out of a wheechair! So, I figure it helps the family out and I consider it my "work".

    I had to start in a warm pool but whatever it takes, if a person can find something, it is wonderful.


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