what is herxing?

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    since i am new to all the lingo, could someone please explain that to me! thanking in advance.
    all have a wonderful weekend and try to relax. :)
  2. Mikie

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    The Herxheimer Effect happens when one kills off pathogens in the body. In natural medicine, it's called a healing crisis. Basically it's the old, "It gets worse before it gets better."

    The immune system produces certain products which kill the pathogens off and it also sets up a hostile environment for them. One example is running a fever to help kill them off. These immune system reactions can make us feel as though we have the flu.

    Another theory is that when the dead pathogens die faster than they can be eliminated from the body, they throw off toxins which poison us, making us feel sick. This is why it's important to drink water when we are Herxing.

    I believe it's a combination of the above two things which make us feel so sick when our meds are working and killing off the nasty little beasties.

    Love, Mikie