What is herxing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amyd, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Amyd

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    I just wasn't sure what it means!!!
  2. crissyfamily

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    Hi amyd:

    When symptoms get worse due to die off of the little critters due to antiobotics, or whatever else is being used to try to kill them such as with candida there are many things used Diflucan, olive leaf oil, slippery elm, garlic, etc. When the little critters die they throw toxins (poisons) into the blood stream that makes you feel worse, i.e., more aches and pains and more tired.

    Well, others on the board may have a better or different description because I am new at having these symptoms also, but this is what my doctor says. My doctor refers to it as die off......and you'll see it called that also....

    I'll be herxing next week or so (I hope) because I am on antiobotics and just started heparin for hypercoagulation problems and when the antiobotics starts getting into my cells, I am supposed to feel bad. They say that is how we'll know the antibotics and heparin are working....

    Take care.....Crissy
  3. Amyd

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    I thought that maybe is was the flu like feelings that I get when I am having a flare! Thanks
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    send your message directly to sujay or jellybelly and they may have a better response than mine.... it could be what you are feeling is called that also...

    sorry, hope I didn't confuse you on what I think it is...

    they seem to be the experts on this stuff...so retype your message and send to them...

    take care