What is HLAB-27?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ssMarilyn, Feb 19, 2003.

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    My eye doctor had some tests done to try to figure out exactly what was causing my iritis, (which is a common affliction for anyone with an autoimmune disease). I got a copy of the tests in the mail today saying that a copy had been faxed to the specialist also. The results were all normal except for the HLAB-27, in which my main doctor hand wrote that I tested positive. I've looked on the net with several search engines and can't find squat about this. Does anyone know what this is??

    Marilyn :)
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    Saw my dentist today for second fitting for dentures, lower. Althogugh she had done the upper full denture and the partial for the lower some long time ago.
    Well now I have everything but the lab work done to confirm
    Sjoren's';along w/the dentures comes a prescription for the ack of functional salivary producuction!

    The web has much out there on this much bantied about syndrome; right now I'm not laghing however; I'm stuttering! Love Cactus
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    This Sjorkin sux! 'W'e best not have it! My goodness I don't last another year at that rate! Love to all. CactusLil'
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    I have this gene.. it takes a special Blood test to determine ..but its in the Arthritis and Auto Immune disease family.. however mine manifested itself in my Glaucoma... there is not much info out there in general

    however my Eye Surgeon knew right away what it was ..my Rheumy was the one who found it.. interestingly enough. my daughter has Fibro but does not have this gene.


    by the way I'm new to the board.. you are all very supportive and thats a great thing.

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    I just came from a website that had tons of info on this stuff and it said it could even affect the heart and lungs? I don't understand any of this and hate to think I have to wait til the 28th to get an explanation from my doctor.

    Marilyn :)
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    Yer a doll for going the extra mile!

    Marilyn :)