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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Junie, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Junie

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    Has anyone recently had something that started out with a sort of Sinus infection--worse at night with lots of drainage. This is accompanied by a slight ear ache, mouth & tongue burning, mild sore throat, unable to sleep at night,
    tired. Also you switch from being chilled to sweating and then repeat that every so often. There is aching in the back/hips and legs.
    My huband first had this abt. 3-4 weeks ago and I then have started to have the same abt a week ago.
    Wondering if this is something that is going around?
  2. WakeMeUp

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    I just saw my ear, nose and throat doctor a few weeks ago for sinus/allergy problems and Burning Mouth Syndrome (it is a real medical condition!).

    After he was finishing examining me, he said my throat was a bit red, but the Burning Mouth Syndrome is probably from too much acid in my stomach. Who knew????

    He gave me Prevacid and said it will take three weeks to work. So far, my mouth and tongue still burn and it's been about three weeks!

    The aching part sounds like it could be fibromyalgia/CFS.

    But if your hubby had it first, then you got it, well, I can't really say what you do have. I do know that Lyme disease is sexually transmitted, so could this be possible? Lyme disease is very hard to diagnose and some get the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis when it is really Lyme. To my knowledge CFS is not contageous.

    That's all I know.