what is leaky Gut sydrome?

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    LGS happens when we run out of good bacteria in our intestines. The walls of the intestines allow undigested food particles to permeate the walls and enter the bloodstream where the immune system identifies them as foreign invaders. Voila! Food allergies.

    For reasons not understood, shoulder pain is often one of the first symptoms of LGS.

    Our bodies slow down production of good bacteria around the mid-30's and it is important to supplement them with probiotics. The Jarro Dophilus sold here is the best I have tried. Also, it no longer requires refrigeration to maintain its potency.

    Digestive enzymes also help with the digestion process.

    Love, Mikie
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    ....and I'm a "recovering" LGSer, with major food allergies as a result. LGS is one thing I wish I'd known about 10 or 20 years ago. Would have saved myself a lot of grief that I'm going thru now, and may have saved myself from from FM, or at least, the degree of severity of FM.

    Mikie is right---digestive enzymes & probiotics to build back good gut bacteria are keys to feeling better, and in my case, identifying food allergies & going on a special diet (if you can see the start of LGS coming early---which I did not---and intervene, you might be able to avoid the sebvere food allergies). There are a lot of other supplements which help, too.

    The good news: you can slowly heal LGS with everything mentioned above. My LGS isn't gone, but the symptoms are much improved (and MY symptoms were pretty much FM symptoms: pain, fatigue, etc.).

    I started working again last week---first job in 11 years! And I feel pretty good, & kind of exhilerated about it! I'm really enjoying being around "well" people again. I could not have done this 6 or 8 months ago.

    So you CAN improve with the right protocol for LGS. Good luck, hope you feel better soon!

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    I am taking papya enzymes.........chewable. Is this adequate? Or should I be taking something else also?
    Also started taking acidopholis. Is that the same as probiotics???
    Thanks for an answer anyone.
    Maybe I shoudl post this on the board.........but it anyone can answer I 'd appreciate it.

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    I take the Vital Enzymes from this site, but there are others. Do a search on "digestive enzymes" here; a lot has been written on this subject!!

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    While acidolphilus is good, it is not enough by itself, nor is eating yoghurt. You need a good probiotic which is not broken down in the stomach but goes to the intestines, or gut. The Jarro Dophilus is made to break down in the intestines and contains different strains of good bacteria.

    I do not understand why doc do not tell their patients in their 30's to start supplementing with probiotics. I think they are just ignorant of this. Most probably either don't believe it or have never been taught. Western Medicine is geared to curing sick people not preventing illness. It's up to us to try to prevent illness in our bodies.

    I have also gotten rid of wheat in my diet and that has helped. I can now eat a little of it, but I don't eat it on a daily basis anymore. The reason so many of us are allergic to wheat is that it's hard to find processes foods without wheat. When the gut breaks down, it is often wheat which penetrates through the gut wall and causes the body to form antibodies to it.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am so encouraged by your message. I have IBS or leaky gut. Never saw it coming on but can look back now and see signs. Am on a restricted diet taking probiotics and being treated for candidias. Can you tell me what foods you avoid and what has worked for you for the terrible pain???
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    Interesting that this should pop up on my radar this evening. My DO spent this a.m talking to me about the dangers of ABX therapy that my rheumy has just started me on. "This is not a benign protocol," he said. One of the primary side effects is LGS. He is concerned about my developing severe food allergies, worsened pain, much worse candida (already have thrush, etc.). I am having light sweats (just an occasional sheen across the "mask" area of my face) which he attributes to disturbances in my autonomic (sp?) nervous system (hope I said that right!) from the ABX. He is concerned that I have already started to develop gluten and lactose intolerances -- which I've never had before.

    Now what????
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    bumping for input if anyone has it!
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