What is LymeNet? taking Cat's Claw, where to send blood tests?

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    Hi everyone. Havent been on here in awhile. Just went through a "who cares, nothing works anyway" spell.

    I have had Lyme for 14 years and my son I think was conceived with it (he is ten now).

    We just started on the Cat's Claw and I immediately had to stop with getting too sick to handle my two year old.

    My son's health has been failing slowly over the last four years. Dr says it is allergies but that doesn't explain all the other symptoms. He has been exhausted and a zombie since on the drops. He says he has had several bowel movements a day.

    He is always the smartest kid in his class but his concentration is severely impaired. To the point that the teacher makes an exception for him if he doesnt do his homework (it takes him hours to do a simple assignment.

    I am on 8 different medications and am on permanent disability at 35 years old.

    I have heard someone mention Lymenet? URL?
    others say they are taking Biaxon (spelling??) and other oral antibiotics? I went on that regime for 2 1/2 years and it didn't do anything. I heard it just pushes the bacteria into your cells. I had the bullseye but was misdiagnosed. My tests were 11 years ago and were borderline negative.
    I have had no positive tests since then, nor has my son.

    Is there new testing? Names of labs?


    Stephanie in Connecticut
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    Here's how I can give it to you: Lymenet dot org

    It's been a lifesaver for those of us with lyme.

    When taking an abx like Biaxin, you also should've been given an abx like Flagyl to bring out the cystic form of lyme.

    There are a few good pediatric LLMD (lyme literate MD's).
    Go to the forum and post some of your questions. They know a lot more than I do about it. I know one thing, they will tell you to immediately find an LLMD even if you have to travel to get to one.

  3. karatelady52

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    Also, there is better testing than the Elisa. Its called a Western Blot and is done by a lab named Igenex.

    There's another lab named Bowen but haven't heard of anyone who has used them.


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