What is Nustagmus.I know a balance disorder.

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    Can someone explain more about this disorder.Will my doctor know where to send me.And can I just get this magnesium.At a health food store.Or must my doctor,need to order it for me.
    I'm not a dum person ,But I know there our people out here to help me find the help I need.You know it's a blessing to have this message board to helpthe help that is given.Everyone means so much to me.You know when your hurting and need a helping hand,This is where I want to go for help.I'm incontact with so mant wonderful people.We our all going threw this together.and we all must stick together.We need to past our feeling and our knowhow to each other.I'v been in a deep depression and with the help of all you people help me so much,Knowing someone is out here to help me threw the days when I';m down.Now the days when I'm up and able to help someone else .I'll be ther for them.I know there is alot more ,I need to know and ,Now I'll know someone will be ther for me.
    thanks to all of my freinds,i met threw this,board.If there is any one I can help.with some thing know or a shoulder to lead on I'll be ther for you/..thanks again littlesquawl
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    Hi littlesquawl:

    Nystagmus is some sort of uncontrolled eye movements or something like that. Seems like that would effect your balance.

    Just a wild guess-don't know nuttin' else about it.

    regards, loonie
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    If your doc does not know how to do a simple test for this right in his/her office, I'd get another doctor, or go to a Neurologist!
    All they have to do is have you keep your head still while moving a light from side to side in front of your face and watching what your eyes do while you follow the light with your eyes.
    The "official" test for it is Electronasography or ENG for short. This is done by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. It is a very unpleasant test where you lie down in a dark room and focus on a glowing patch on the ceiling. They blow jets of alternating hot and cold water into your ears while recording your brain waves, and having you count backwards by twos (this is for your concentration to keep you from going nuts from the intense dizziness...the counting is not part of the test). You probably will not need this test. I had it done way back before it was known that some degree of Nystagmus is part of Fibro for most people. They thought my balance problem might be Multiple Sclerosis, and back then there was no such thing as an MRI to confirm MS with like there is now.
    Many of us have a "beating Nystagmus". This is what I have, and I can feel it whenever I am sitting still if I let myself think about it. With each beat of my heart, I am moved just a slight bit forward and to the left, so I was dx'd with a "great, left, beating Nystagmus". I recently aquired a right sided one as well, but it comes and goes.
    Typical drugs for this are anti-histamines, Antivert, and in cases where it is so bad you are falling over (like I was at first), Prednisone.
    I found plain Benadryl to be the most helpful of everything I tried.
    I hope this explains it better for you.
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    I was thought to have had it,I don't but can tell you it is an imbalance in the ear. I am not sure what they treat it with now. I think mainly trahquilizers. I havea girl friend (had)that has it and she takes mild tran. for it. she does not drive much because of it. I know how annoying it is. Had something similiar years ago,that threw my balance off. Have also found that if you are depressed yuo tend to get it then too.
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    Hi Littlesquawl! I learned a lot about eye nystagmus this last year. It is a condition of rapid eye movements - in other words your eye does not move or "track" smoothly - it jerks instead. I had a horrible eye infection in May '02 and I've had a terrible time since then. Docs aren't sure if the eye infection caused all these problems or what, but at least it lead them to dx the fibro. Anyway, I started getting really dizzy, felt unbalanced when walking, and developed vertigo. If you've never had vertigo, it's when you feel like the room is spinning around you and you're standing still; much different from being dizzy. Had lots of days I couldn't drive and haven't been able to work because of it. Doc sent me to the Audiologist (ear doc) for some tests and they told me about the nystagmus. Apparently it can come and go. They did a complicated but simple procedure on me to reposition the free-floating calcium deposits that are in the ear canals. It just involves wearing goggles that track your eye movements and then they turn your head to different angles. Didn't help me, but I guess it does help some people. Went to neurologist after that because they were concerned I could have MS; thankfully I didn't. If you just do a search under nystagmus on the web, you should get all sorts of information. Usually anything that affects your balance is because of a problem with eyes or ears. Hope this helps.
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