What Is On Your 'To Do' List? 12/17 thru 12/23

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  1. ksp56

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    Geez, after typing in the dates for the list, I started feeling true panic! No decoration's, yet. No card's yet...Maybe I am the Indiana Scrooge! (sp)!

    Just flew into town, an hour ago, from Dallas, TX. Enjoyed DH's Christmas Party and meeting so many people! Did not sight see due to COLD and RAINY weather! LOL Came home to 8" of snow here!

    I think of you all, often! I hope this week will be a better week, than this past one was...

    Today, maybe I'll decorate, just a tad... Maybe!!


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  2. hugs4evry1

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    Good morning all,

    Kim, remember....Christmas comes without the decorations and all the little things we worry about so much....just enjoy your holidays and try not to overdo things.

    I'm hoping to have enough energy to take my Dad to a nearby base today and get him a base pass. It'll help while we're running errands and stuff to be able to take him with us.

    I'm enjoying my time with both my Dad and my son sooooo much. We laugh a lot around here and it's wonderful to have a home filled with laughter again.

    The relationship my son and my Dad have is truly special and wonderful to watch. I think my son is the only one my Dad accepts help from since my Mom died and he's determined to do things himself now.

    After today my husband is on leave for the holidays too so that should make things better too. He's been very tired lately and can use the break!

    My sister sent tons of home made cookies and candies for us all to enjoy....but no more for me, I had another high blood glucose episode this morning so it's hands off for me.

    Anyway...I hope this week finds you all well, healthy and filled with joy.

    Terri, so glad the recitals turned out well. I remember things like this with my kids and they were always just priceless moments to me.

    Linda and Anne Theresa, grab a small tree, put it in the bedroom and please get better soon. We're thinking about you both and hope you feel better soon.

    Ellen, I hope the end of the school semester will help you relax and enjoy the holidays.

    Hugs all,

  3. ksp56

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    I'm crooning, White Christmas, as I type! LOL It's all I see, out the window's.

    Nancy: What a wonderful gift a grandfather can be! Our son was very close to my dad, DH's father too. My dad and Kevin had a very special and close relationship. It was a wonderful gift, that I treasured too. I am so excited for you be able to have both of your special men, home with you! How thoughtful of your 'sis' to send the cookie's! The laughing you share, is a gift within itself!

    Linda and Anna Theresa: I'll have to go back to last week's list to 'check up' on you. Please take very good care of yourselves...

    I think I'll do some cards today. A tad wiped out after weekend to Dallas. The younger co-worker's took a liking to Jim and myself, so we ended up in downtown Fort Worth, hanging at some clubs. This body doesn't do that well, these days!

    Everyone, take special care!



  4. littlebrownwren

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    Here I was worried to death that I couldn't get my act together and you are just now getting started.

    Bless your heart.

    I was in such a flare after Thanksgiving the doctor upped my prednisone. YECH! Right here at Christmas with all the goodies.

    But the pain in my spine and lowr back has abated some and I did send the linens out to be done this time instead of me standing and doing them.

    Since last week I have managed to get most of my decorations done. Got my cards done and delivered.

    I did a batch of peanutbutter fudge, about 2 gallons of party mix baked layers for my fresh coconut cake

    Baked a big batch of cheese straws and made my first batch of pralines. YUM

    Set up and decorated a table for 10 in my den and covered it with sheets.

    1.Still have to do another in there the same size and 2 small round ones for my living room.

    2.Still have my red velvet cake layers to bake.

    3.Get this house pulled back together and ready for company.

    4.Still have a bit of shopping to do.

    Oh yes!!!! Need somebody to come by here and glue my mouth shut so I'll stay out of my goodies.

    Thank the Lord for prednisone.

    Didn't think I was going to be able to do this,but I'm getting there.

    Good Luck Kim and don't over do.


  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Today's to do list is hopefully going to be short and sweet.

    The guys are going out to breakfast and then off to Dachau Concentration Camp about 2 hours away. It's something my Dad has always wanted to go back to since with my Mom and I there last time, we weren't able to spend a lot of time there.

    That means I'll have the watch over my daughter today and I'm hoping to convince her to nap with me and watch old movies, Christmas movies of course!!

    I need to rest, even the simple things are starting to kick my butt this week and I don't want to spend all my time in bed with them here.

    Oh and last night....I was too tired to cook so my son cooked dinner for us and it was wonderful. I'm so glad I taught my kids to be comfortable in the kitchen. He made steaks on the grill, fried potatoes and string beans (fresh). The flavors were really, really good.

    I think he also enjoyed having a fully stocked kitchen to work in and the freedom to do whatever he chose.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I haven't written yet this week.....a lot has been going on in my family.

    My son was let go (actually, he had to resign) from his grocery job when he was accused of stealing. He had refilled his soda cup that he had purchased, but he kept it longer than the day it was bought, not knowing what he did was wrong. So they let him go.....sorry. It has been weighing heavily on our family.

    My husband spent Sunday night in the hospital.....he had chest pains over the weekend which were travelling down his left arm. They wanted to check him in for observation, which meant timed blood tests to tell if the heart was OK....thankfully it was OK, he had just had some acid reflux, which can mimic heart/chest pains. He will have to watch out for certain foods, but this is treatable.

    So basically, I've been trying to keep my head above water with all of this going on. I felt I needed to write you all and let you know what was happening because you are friends who care.

  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday. We had lots of snow over the weekend-about 7 inches in our area. I didn't go into work until later. Then I've been working in another building the past couple of days. I've been using the scanner in the library to scan all the evaluation sheets on the big year-end project. I'm happy to say I finally got the project done today. I still have a few odds and ends to finish before I leave work on Friday.

    Then last night I had another FMS flare-up. Of course it always happens when we are extra busy and stressed out. Yes, Linda, I am so-o-o looking forward to my time-off. I am thinking of taking a couple of extra days since I have lots of vacation days to give myself 12 days off. So today I am really tired out, but hanging in there. The college is putting on a Christmas luncheon for us secretaries and I hate to miss that.

    The cookie baking with my girlfriend was really fun. And Jim really had a good time. My friend and I kept watching him. He wanted to do the whole thing was mixing the dough, rolling it out (with a little help), cutting and decorating. It was so nice seeing him really enjoying himself.

    Well, I should get back to work. I did want to check in with all of you.

    To-do list:

    -get prescriptions filled
    -pool therapy class
    -no cooking tonight-help yourself night
    -long nap

  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member


    I meant to also say that I'm glad your dad and son made it to your house safely and you are having a good visit. It must be wonderful to see them again, especially your dad, after so long.

  9. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    The guys had their trip to Dachau yesterday and got to see the place at their leisure. They had a nice lunch out and had a good time.

    I had a great time watching Christmas movies in bed and I made them ham and bean soup for when they returned.

    Today is going to be a day to get some normal stuff done. My son needs to do laundry, I need to go to the commissary for fruit and milk. Hubby needs to finish his laundry too.

    Terri, sorry to hear about your husband although I'm glad he's ok. I'm sure along with your son's problems you've had a rough week. Take care of yourself please...

    Ellen, I'm glad your project is finished. Must be difficult with holiday stress to get everything finished on time. You deserve a nice holiday break now, so please take it and enjoy yourself.

    And yes, I am thoroughly enjoying this visit with my boys. It feels like they've brought Christmas to me and it's been a long time since I've heard the song, "I'll be home for Christmas" and didn't have tears in my eyes....

    Happy Holiday Hugs all,

    Nancy B

    Anne Theresa, are you ok hon?
  10. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Well, things have finally eased up at work. The BIG project is FINALLY DONE!!! Now I just have the odds and ends to do-nothing stressful. Unless someone hands me more work to do, it looks as though I may be able to leave early on Friday! I have lots of vacation time to use.

    One of the English professors gave me a $40.00 gift certificate yesterday for the grocery story. It certainly is a practical gift. I know he thinks highly of me, but I think he spent way too much. The Theatre Dept. gave me some cute porcelain snowmen.

    Terri: I hope your husband is doing okay now. So glad it didn't turn out to be a heart attack. How scary for you and him. So sorry your son lost his job.

    Nancy: Sounds like you are enjoying your visit with your son and dad. It's nice your son can give you a break in the kitchen.

    Kim: Have you rested up from your Dallas trip? Probably not with Christmas just around the corner.

    Wren: Sounds like you've been busy with all your baking. It must be hard not to do a lot of sampling!

    Anne Theresa: Since you haven't been on here, I'm guessing you are still suffering from your flare. I hope it eases for you in time for Christmas.

    To-do list:

    -pick up a book for my father-in-law for Christmas (it
    finally came in!) and wrap it tonight
    -pick up another prescription
    -pay bills
    -liver and onions for dinner

  11. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Sounds like Wren has been busy?

    Actually I did that over 2 weeks.

    Sounds like a lot but what I neglect to tell is
    how much I have to let go undone in order to do
    what I do.

    I love Christmas and it really hurts to have to
    just give up. I hate this DD and RA.

    I do things in bits and pieces.

    Gather the ingredients and set them out and go sit down.
    Go back and put it together and go sit down.

    Either that or lay down and get my feet off the floor.

    Standing at my kitchen sink for longer than a few min my spine feels like a ball bat has been used on it.

    My feet burn like I've just walked across a bed of coals.

    So I do a bit here and a bit there. I plan a course of action and "attempt it". LOL

    Sometimes it works, Sometimes it dosen't. LOL

    Still "ain't" gonna tell what I haven't done.

    And yes the goodies are too good and I'm sharing with anybody who comes by so I won't get sick like I did Thanksgiving.

    I'm swearing off sugar for a few days and eating green beans. That's the truth.


  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My last batch of raisin-filled cookies is in the oven...my hubby's favorite. Only I made them smaller this year and will dole them out from the freezer. Raisins are good for him- it's the everything else in the cookie that isn't.

    We're doing some better now...thank you all for your kind words. My son has been job hunting. He checked with his old job he had at the gas station, and they may hire him back. I'm sure he'd rather not work there, but opportunities this time of year are limited.

    My cards are done for now....I still answer a few if I haven't written them already. The boys are really looking forward to vacation and have a movie night with a friend planned for Friday....National Treasure, Part 2. I don't remember the real title, but you get the drift.

    Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for avoiding acid reflux? Other than not eating raisin-filled cookies?

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  13. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I am so glad I started decorating in November and got things done so I could sit back and relax with the boys here.

    We had a lovely dinner out last night and my daughter and her husband came in too so yesterday was a fun day, even with the regular chores we needed to get done.

    Today the boys are going out to breakfast this morning on base.

    And the plans for today are to take them to downtown Stuttgart's Christmas Markt, that should be fun and it's something that any visitor to Germany at Christmas time should see.

    Hugs all,

  14. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    It's a long story, but my sister and I have been estranged for years. It's not what I have wanted, but she has always been jealous of me. When my mother was alive, she tried talking to her, but she never got anywhere. All my life I have tried to be friends with her. After years of not talking, I decided to try again. So I sent her a Christmas card. I did have to call her at Thanksgiving regarding my brother, Jim, and she sounded pleasant and friendly on the phone. So I decided to send her a Christmas card. So far I haven't received one back-not that I am really expecting to. It's really sad when people act this way. Life is too short.

    My friend that I baked cookies with has six kids. They are very poor and cannot afford to give their children Christmas gifts. Without her knowledge, I have decided to give her children something to open on Christmas day. I gathered six shoe boxes and put different different treats, fruits, stickers, etc. in each box. I managed to keep the cost down to $7.00 per child since we can't afford to spend too much. My husband and I are taking the gifts out to them today. I think this is what Christmas is all about. Celebrating Jesus' birthday and sharing what we have with others. This is what makes the holidays special for me. That and making them fun for my brother.

    Linda: I will try to get to the library and check in with you ladies while I am off. I know I will be thinking of all of you! I plan to see the movie Legend (can't think of the whole title) while I am off with a girlfriend. It's kind of a scary movie. Does your husband like scary movies? If so, you might want to take him to that for his birthday.

    Wren: You are so ambitious or at least you want to be. I know it's frustrating to want to do things and have to scale back. All my life I've been such an active person. But we have to take breaks between our activities.

    Terrie: Your raisin cookies sound good. Reminds me of the raisin oatmeal cookies my mother used to make. As for the acid reflux, raising the upper body with pillows is supposed to be good.

    Nancy: I'm so glad you are enjoying the time with your "boys". Time with family is so special. Be sure to take some pictures of your dad.

    To-do list:

    -deliver Christmas gifts to my friend
    -get groceries
    -pool therapy class
    -lunch with husband


  15. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    the recipe for raisin-filled cookies on a separate thread, if anyone is interested. They are way too delicious and time consuming, but you're welcome to the recipe if you want to try them!
  16. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I FINALLY decorated, a little, this afternoon! It just doesn't seem like Christmas. I did watch The Nativity, movie last night. It put many things into perspective. The faith that all of these people had, was inspiring to me.

    Most card's are finished and mailed. We're invited to friend's, tomorrow night, for a Christmas Party. I am really tired and feel as if I cannot get enough rest. Have to see what tomorrow brings!

    Because you are all so very special and the bond we all share, I feel this need to talk with you.
    I was diagnosed with PTSD after the horror I went through in February. My energies have all been focused on recovering. Now, I am starting with memories of the hospital, when I'd come in and out and they would have to restrain me because I fought and wanted out. These, and many more rememberances, are continually swirling in my head. I do believe my shock time is over...

    I've started having major panic attack's, which have not been a problem in years. Dream's of that time, creep in. I cry often. The first anniversary of being 'clinically dead' is just a tad, under 2 months,away. Being bipolar, I am set up with a wonderful NP (who works for my psych. doc) and left them a message telling what I've been feeling. I need to call my counselor and make a talk 'therapy' session.

    My DH and other's around me see differences in me than before. My cognitive capabilities are less. My emotion is somewhat 'flat', my abilities to find word's is even worse than before! Hard to believe, huh? I thought it couldn't get worse than it already is with these DD's! Small changes that make me feel useless, and not who I was before. I know I need to live with and accept this different Kim, but it is difficult.

    It just something I am going through, and I know I will conquer (sp)this. I always have during times of great saddness and pain. And hey, if I can deal with these DD's, it makes me realize just how strong I truly am. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Wren: Please take care of yourself. When you are rested, please send my one of your coconut cakes! LOL I do hope you are taking good care. You've been a VERY busy woman and deserve time for yourself.

    Ellen: Hooray for being done with the project and now being able to do things on your own schedule. I'm sorry about your sister. Life is so short for pettiness and pushing people out of your life. I do hope your sister comes to her senses at some time. She is missing out, by not having YOU in her life!

    Anne Theresa: I hope you are feeling better! You always inspire me with all you do accomplish, even on day's which are difficult for you. You truly do. Please take care of yourself!

    Terri: I am so sorry you have had two sad, and frightening, event's happen. I have been praying for all of you and especially your son. I pray that he will find another employer who trusts and respects him more. I have the same as your husband. I use Prilosic also. It does seem to help! Those attacks do feel like a heart attack. All of you take very good care.

    JB: So happy to see you again! I hope you are doing well and continue doing so. Please come back soon!

    Nancy: I am sure you're just loving having all of your boy's with you! I am happy you won't get tears in your eye's when you hear "I'll Be Home For Christmas", this year. It is such a bittersweet song. I hope your daughter has been helped with new meds, and that she is feeling better. Trying to find the 'right cocktail' of what works is frustrating and scary. I know.

    Thank you for being my 'sounding board' and such dear friends. You are always in my prayers..


  17. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends, I've spent much time in bed, hour after hour, day after day. This is extremely unusual for me. No matter how bad the flare, I usually get myself up and about the house and I do my best to manage small outings. Not this time; it's like my inner-strength has all but drained from my system.

    Instead of working through this flare, I canceled all my appointments and plans and just collapsed. I've been depressed, along with all the pain & fibromyalgia symptoms, but only moderately and no more than what is typical for me this time of year.

    I keep trying to get up and back to the land of the living but after a very few minutes of activity, I reach/exceed my physical limits and end up back in bed.

    Kim, thanks for sharing with us. I have another dear friend diagnosed with PTSD and, for a time, she was very troubled by flashbacks. I witnessed her hard work and devotion to get well and this is how I know there is true hope for recovery.

    Through counseling & medication, (as well as personal insight & the care understanding of friends & family), my friend is now virtually symptom-free. I trust your journey will lead you to a similar peace.

    I can't begin to imagine the trauma you endured during last year's crisis but I'm glad you made a counseling appointment to help you manage the frightening memories as they emerge. God bless you.

    Dear friends, thanks for your kind words and on-going support. I'll try to catch up with my reading & writing/posting over the next few days, but for now, I'm going to go back to bed. Each time I believe I feel a bit better, a few minutes exertion reminds me I'm in the midst of a flare and fragile.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  18. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    To the dear ladies who are my best cyber friends...and the others that I don't mention personally...

    Kim, I'm so glad you shared what you're going through. I understand that you've been through a horrifying year this year.

    I agree that talk therapy might be good for you and I'm proud of you for making that appt. I always feel that when we share our burdens, it halves the load we have to carry.

    Take care of yourself during this difficult time and we'll be there to listen if you need us.

    Anne Theresa, I've been where you are and I know the feeling so well. Work with your body during this difficult time and listen to what it tells you that you need.

    If it's rest every few minutes, take it. If it's up for 5 minutes then back to bed...do so and don't feel badly about it at all. This is what your body needs right now and we can all relate.

    Ellen, I understand about your sister and what a shame it is. It's amazing, my brother, sister and I grew up in an 800 sq ft house and we're all as different as night and day.

    My brother is the one I just can't seem to get along with and although he has no children he was quite free with letting me know what a horrible job I'm doing with my daughter about 2 years ago. I haven't spoken to him since, nor do I plan to.

    Life is just too short and sometimes the poison people we encounter happen to be related to us. It's a shame, but sometimes that's just how it works out.

    For me personally, I need to surround myself with positive people who (even if they don't understand) are willing to support me in the things that I go through.

    There are no guide books for life, yet we all have to do the best that we can with each day that we're given....it's all we can hope to do.

    My 'to do' list is short today....we have no plans of any kind today so hopefully we'll just spend the day together here enjoying each other's company.

    Hugs all,

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  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Ellen- I think your shoebox gift idea to the family is a great one......did the kids like their gifts? I hope you got a good reaction!

    AnneTheresa- I hope and pray that you will start to get your energy back. But at least you have your loved ones, and that is a comfort.

    Nancy- so nice that you all are enjoying each other's company. I'm glad they took a day off from sight seeing so you could be with everyone too.

    Kim- take care this holiday season. Thanks for your prayers for my son. He's depressed but hides it.....he goes out job hunting every day, but so far, no luck. I pray that God will lead him to a job soon.

    Wren- are you still eating green beans? I laughed at that in your letter.

    To everyone: have a blessed holiday season and enjoy your time with loved ones.

  20. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Well, I've finish up my work and am going to be leaving in a few minutes to start my 12 day vacation-yay! I will be checking in with all of you. All of you have grown so dear to me and I know I can't go 12 days without seeing how all of you are doing!

    My friend was not home when Harry and I dropped off the gifts, but the children were. The three older children are old enough to babysit the younger children so they can be left alone. They were so excited to be receiving gifts. They all took turns hugging both Harry and I. They are so grateful for anything they receive. They said they would wait until Christmas to open them. On the way home Harry said he was so glad we did this. Later in the afternoon my friend called me and said how grateful she was for the gifts.

    I wish I had time to respond to each of you individually, but I will do that later. It's almost time for me to leave. I am so sorry that some of you are going through difficult times. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    With love,