what is the best allergy test?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    And also, is there something that can diagnose food senstivities and intollerances?

    Any info on RAST, ELISA, skin testing, vega testing, kinesiology, or any other tests? Which is the most accurate?
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    I went to an allergy/immunology doctor. He did skin testing and blood tests.

    Skin testing tests for molds, trees, animals, and some foods.

    Blood tests = lgG ELISA(comprehensive food panel) and a protein sensitivity.
    lgG tests for over 100 different foods that a person might be allergic to.

    If you go to RX Alternative Medicine web site they have a list of laboratories who do food allergy testing. Those sites more likely can explain the different tests.
  3. Shannonsparkles

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    I heard the ELISA test is good. Haven't been able to find out how accurate yet. There seems to be a lot of error in allergy testing. RAST is 40% accurate, vega testing 70% accurate (according to BBC), kinesiology varies depending on who's doing it... But from what I read, ELISA looks like the best.