What is the best Breakthrough Med?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chris350, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    What beakthrough meds have worked for us Fibro's?
  2. KJ2003

    KJ2003 New Member

    I take Tramadol and when I get into a flare these days, ibuprofen works best for break-through because sometimes it's just a matter of needing the swelling to go down, which helps inflammation and ibuprofen is good for swelling.

    I, also, take Neurontin, which helps extreme nerve pain.

    Otherwise, if our hormones get out of whack, this can cause a tremendous amount of pain and my doctor had to switch me to Estratest. I wasn't producing ANY hormones and was in a heck of a lot more pain than I am right now. Plus, it helped with fibromycystic disease, which caused very painful breasts.

    I, also, retain an ungodly amount of water. Drinking gatorade, etc., doesn't keep it all at bay so the doctor put me on a water pill, which has helped. Extra water doesn't help inflammation and swelling, either.

    Something to think about.

    Hope this helps.

    Chin up,

  3. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    And I take Methadone 10 mgs. 2 in the a.m., 2 in the early p.m. and 4 at night. I also take Xyrem,(8mls x 2) and it has cut my pain in half, eliminated my flares except during hurricanes, and increased my mobility in my neck and upper back. I don't fall asleep during the day anymore, either.


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