what is the best way to cure candida?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by yenyor1, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. yenyor1

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    I have been recently diagnosed with too much yeast. How do I get rid of it? Does anyone have any good ideas or has anyone gotten rid of it?
  2. painjayne

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    "The Yeast Syndrome" book is the best. Then there is "The Yeast Connection" and a cookbook that the same people are reccomend. I have been on this diet many times and everytime I do it changes my life completely. If you can handle it for a week you get use to it, it is TUFF.
    It is a miricle diet and you will not believe how much this candida effects you.
    If you are in Ohio, Dr. Terry Chappel, "the Celebration of Health Center" 419-358-4627. I am thinking right now I may have EXTREME muscle and joint pain from it and am three weeks on the diet, dropping meds as I go. I am older now and it will take a few months, when I was 20, it was just a couple of weeks to feel great. Good luck (there are supplements, and acidopholus is a necessity!) painjayne