What is the best way to stop AD patients from regaining their lic

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Stig, Nov 20, 2002.

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    My mother has been diagnosed with moderate organic brain disorder by a psychiatrist in Ontario, Canada.

    On the basis of that diagnosis, she had her drivers licence suspended 3 months ago.

    However, she-and most of the family are in denial- and are now doctor shopping and it appears she has found a neurologist that will give her a favourable report.

    Any comments?
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    more and more study's are showing that AD happens for specific reasons that have to do with high homocystene levels, low levels of HDL cholesterol - like what is in fish oils - and low levels of folic acid, B12, B6, and very likely zinc and magnesium as well. If you go to the Alzheimers board I have sveral articles posted on the subject. Take your mom to an orthomolecular physician and get her tested for low levels of digestive enzymes, vits and mins, and her homocystene levels checked too. If they are high there is no question she is low in B12, folic acid, B6. As we get older we are not producing nearly enough hydrochoric acid to break down our foods so we can assimilate nutrients properly. When we don't get enough of these, that's when we start presenting with symptoms that drug company's have labelled for us as AD, which they have high hopes of capitalizing off of by not telling the people the truth. AD is nothing more than the consequences of poor diets/lack of digestive enzymes and is especially correctable in it's beginning stages.
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    Send the new nuerologist a lost of all the other drs she has seen. He will revoke the statement.