What is the difference in FM and CFS?

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    I would love to know what the difference is because some people here say they have both and if they are so similar how can you tell?
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    There are differing thoughts on this in the medical community. Some regard both FM and CFS as subsets, so to speak of the same illness. Others regard them as entirely different entities. I have been diagnoses with both, obviously from a doctor who is from the second school of thought.
    The symptoms I attribute to FM are widespread, debilitating pain--any area of the body is game, lol. Some of this occurs in the muscle, some in joints. I also attribute the neural symptoms of muscle jerking, twitching, and spasming and neural pain to FM. So I would say to me...the FM is indicative of widespread pain.
    Chronic Fatigue Symptoms, in myself manifest complete and utter exhaustion, a feeling that you have the flu every day that you awake, with aches. There are cognitive symptoms such as loss of memory, using the wrong words, or inablility to come up with correct words, brain fog, sensory overload. Not being able to bounce back after exertion of any type, most days any type of exertion is out of the question. Headaches.
    This is my short list of symptoms--I spared you the long version *wink*
    Hope this has helped some....LL

    Cfs has a list of Criteria---swollen glands are only one out of the list--you must have 1.fatigue, and then 4 of the symptoms out of the 2nd list. So you can be dx'ed CFS without swollen glands....I never had em...still don't, but meet the other criteria.

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    I just wondered how if I had both too. Jelly, mine came very slowly I would say in a space of 10+ now I am at the stage where my joints hurt whenever the weather changes. I do hope this nucca procedure will help me some.