What is the difference.

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  1. Shazzy

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    Hi Everywone,

    What is the difference between CFS and FM. Is it just the pain?

  2. kredca4

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    I only have the FMS, so I'm not sure about the CCFS, but it is my Understanding that there isn't much Pain with CFS.

    I hope that other's with CFS can help answer this ?
    as I too was just wondering about that the other day/

    Are you still trying to get off the Valium? How's that Working for you,? (as Dr. phil would say lol). Seriouly, Shazzy are you doing oK? Hope you are feeling better, have a Sunny and Peaceful Day, ;o)

  3. elaine_p

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    A friend of mine who has both (her CFS only rears its head when she pushes too much?) says firbomites have more pain, CFSers have more fatigue.

    Usually I figure you guys can keep the pain, as my occasionally-severe pain has made me realized I'm a wimp! But there are days (more often, lately) when I'd trade some of the fatigue for some of the pain! Maybe then I could work!!!
  4. kredca4

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    You wouldn't be able to work with the Pain either.
    When you are in Pain, it's hard to think, it's hard to do anything, because all your Mind wants to do, is get rid of the Pain. Unless you are able to controll pain with the milder pain med's, or through some of the other treatment's that folks use beside's pain med's. I don't think you would feel like working.

    For me it is the Pain. I had to close down my Photography Studio, because I felt I just couldn't bear the Pain, and I could tell that my Creative Juice's were being robbed.

    I get Fatigue anyway, because of the combo FMS/CMPD, it too can cause fatigue, mines in the pm, I have my energy, between 2am, and 11, am then I'm down for the count,.

    But I have alreay done 3 load's of laundry, hubby's a Clothes horse, lol. I vacumn, dust, do dishes, and spend time either reading the board's or doing research. So I really have put in a full day.

    What is your day like with the CFS? I often wonder about the effect's of CFS on people who suffer with it. As long as I have been on this board, I am still confused by it.
    Do you Sleep more? or are you just tired, but can't sleep, but also can't get the energy to get up? I'm doing some comparison's in the Symtpom's, but I get confused, by what other's describe as what they are going through>

    I do talk to a few other's who have CFS and they are all different too in symptom's????


    great throught provoking topic. ;o}
  5. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    But Tender Points are what FMS has, Trigger Points is what Chronic Myofasical Pain Disorder has.
    They do get confusing at times.