What is the firomyalgia/diabetes connection?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by petesdragon, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Everytime I go to the rheumatologist for my fibro she takes my blood sugar level. Twice they have called my local GP to tattle about my sugar levels and then called me and insisted I go see her.

    My GP doesn't get too excited about it. She knows I have been so depressed and in so much pain (I'm usually crying when I am in her office) and that I can't wrap my mind around menus, buying food, preparing food, eating food, cleaning up after food prep etc. She knows I have gone to the Mayo's list on food for diabetes and that I am now taking my sugar readings once a day on most days. She says my A1c is better than hers. I am taking glipizide.

    What is the relationship between fibro and diabetes and why is it the rheumy's business what my blood sugar levels are. They tell me they "do not do A1c's up there so I can't even save money on duplicate blood tests.
  2. AllWXRider

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    High sugar levels also feed Candida yeasts, causes circulation problems, its hard on the kidneys.

    Root cause analysis would have the doctor continue to search for the problem rather than treat symptoms. Perhaps your FM is caused by viruses, so lowering the blood sugar would starve them.

    The next step is to research why your pancreas is failing.
    Root cause again.

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