what is the longest anyone has been on guafi...

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    Just curious what who has been on this protocol for long period of time and do you eventually even out. By even out do you have all good days are will you still have flair ups. Do the knots under your skin go away? And my skin is so soar to the touch, does this get better....looking for answers.. thanks
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    Welcome to our board.

    I think maybe Sky and I are the longest on the protocol, but I could be wrong. We will be on the protocol two years in mid-May. I am about 3/4 reversed on my FMS symptoms. My sore bumps have gone down and the oldest cannot be felt and they are no longer sore. The newest are still sore.

    The Guai is a life-long treatment until and unless there is a cure. I've speeded up the process by going on 2400 mgs. a day and if I try to cut down, my pain returns.

    My new doc is very impressed with the progress I've made on the Guai treatment.

    Love, Mikie