what is the lyme cycle?

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    Is there such thing as a lyme cycle in your system when you have lyme disease? How long is this cycle and do you feel worse toward the end of the cycle?


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    According to Dr. Joseph Burrascano (Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses):

    It has been observed that symptoms will flare in cycles every four weeks. It is thought that this represents the organism's cell cycle, with the growth phase occurring once per month. As antibiotics will only kill bacteria during their growth phase, therapy is designed to bracket at least one whole generation cycle.

    This is why the minimum treatment duration should be at least four weeks. If the antibiotics are working, over time these flares will lessen in severity and duration. The very occurrence of ongoing monthly cycles indicates that living organisms are still present and that antibiotics should be continued.

    From a different website, woops, lost the place it came from:

    Lyme has at least 3 forms in it's life cycle; Adult (spiral form), egg (cyst form), and L forms which look to be young "just hatched" spirochetes. This is an important consideration in treating chronic lyme. Antibiotics which work on one form will not work on the other.


    Therefore, when being treated for lyme people often experience a herx in 3-4 week cycles. The herx may be stronger or weaker depending on how long the person has had the lyme, the "lyme load" in the body, the type of treatment being given, and presence of co-infections.

    Is this what you are referring to?

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