what is the meaning of lyme

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    i didnt know black people could get lyme, or chronic fatigue syndrom.........boy was i fooled, and foolish to had this belief.

    i have it, and i have it bad.........have alot of viruses. im not trying to affend anyone, i was just foolish with my belief.

    so since i didnt think i could get lyme, can someone educate me on what is lyme, and if you take antibiotics, will you get rid of it. please forgive my ignorance.......thanks for the knowledge.
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    I answered on your other post as well...

    Lyme is a spirochete, a 'type' of bactera but a cousin to syphilis and its genome is much more complicated. It's present on all continents, and all humans are susceptible. Plus dogs! And, of course Lyme has variations depending on the locale, one reason to find a doctor who is familiar with treatment of it where you live/likely to have caught it.

    The Lyme board here isn't the most active... but there are a lot of resources listed there to start educating yourself.



    There is a huge overlap with these devious stealth pathogens (amongst them are mycoplasma, lyme, bartonella, chlamydia pneumonia (cpn) (NOT the STD), and others, and the dx of CFIDS/FM/ME.

    (E. coli is even capable of hiding out in cysts from abx. I once had a recurrent bladder infection, finally had to stay on abx for over 3 months to just get rid of the e coli! That was easy to treat by comparison).

    Besides looking at the lyme board here, you can also do a search up above with the word 'lyme' in both title and content. The search doesn't work well here anymore, but you will come up with a lot of posts about it. Many people here have found they did have it.... unfortunately that's only the beginning of a long journey... wish I had better news, but considering all your other diagnoses, that's the truth. Most of us do find at this point we have more than one 'thing', both bacterial and viral.

    all the best,

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    You are the same as everyone else....we can all get a bacterial infection,etc.

    Victoria explained it well.

    You may have bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia, etc from the same tick bite.....very common.

    Read the info in the links I provided on your other post.

    I will be away for several days, but then will be back.

    You need a Lyme literate MD.