What is the most effective med for FMS pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsucks, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. FMsucks

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    Hi all;

    I am new here, nice to meet everybody. I am 25 years old and recently diagnosed with FMS and ankylosing spondylitis. I live in the Seattle area. I am trying to research some treatment options for my next doctors visit. My PCP dosent't know much about FMS, and she asked me to research different meds and see what Id like to try. What meds to you find effective? I would just like to see what everyone else has tried.

  2. lisjhn

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    I live in Olympia and there are several here from Washington. I take Ultram and Vicodin. Vicodin doesn't do a whole lot for my type of pain, but I take it when I get headaches since Ultram tends to make my headaches worse. But I'd have to say Ultram has helped me the most. I'm needing to go on something stronger though as my pain has gotten worse, just don't know how to approach the doc about that!

    There are a lot of people here taking stronger meds and you'll find an variety of meds from that, they'll be along soon.

    Again, welcome to the site!

  3. lisjhn

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    By the way, nice name! I'm surprised that one hasn't been taken already!
  4. FMsucks

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    Im already on Ultram, and it is OK for mild pain, but I need something stonger for flares. I've been having this particular flare for about four months. My doc really just wants to get rid of me.. I think she is tired of seeing me come in so often. I wouldn't come in so much if I had something to kill the pain.
  5. KarenL47520

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    a combination of Vicoprofen and Neurontin. I am in the middle of a really bad flare and the pain has been 10 and more at times. I have tried Ultram and it gives me jitters. Tylenol #3 won't even touch this flare. You will just have to try different things I guess.

    Again, welcome!!

  6. Cactuslil

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    Almost everything I tried helped at first; I did the round w/Celebrex and the various "ibuprophens" and nada. I took Ultram along w/my meds already on for early onset dysthymia.
    I have been so far please with using the various strengths of Lortab (Vicoden, hydrocodone et al);started w/the 5/500; then the 7.5/750 and presently 10/500. Having osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment joining the fray of "other things", my pain scales tends to be higher with the spinal issue. I have the collagen problem systemically thus it is on the spine.

    I've heard kudos for the Ultram and the Percoset (which I've never tried). Hope your sucessfull in find what works for you. CactusLil'
  7. judywhit

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    I take 15mg of roxicodone. which is an opiod. I have had fms for a long time. I am in pain most of the winter. Have tummy problems so anything like motrin will kill my gut. I have found that when in just a little pain I can cut the pill in 1/2 and it takes the edge off. Hope you find something that helps. The roxi is a good one to start with.
  8. lisjhn

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    I know exactly how you feel. I need something stronger too and my doc doesn't seem to want to help in that department. It's just that some docs don't seem to believe how much pain we actually are in, I mean, I have more pain than my friend with cancer! But we're all different and all tolerate pain diferently so no one is to say, especially my doctor. And yes, I wouldn't have to see her as often if the pain was treated better! I know a lot of people are on oxycontin which is a time release oxycodone. Works for 8-12 hours usually, that's something I'd like to try myself. Good luck!

  9. Kimba

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    This is how my doctors have helped me. I have FM and I have major problems with my ankles. I have just have one operation to remove the screws from both ankles that were put there from the last three operations. I will most likely have to go for another major operations.

    OK, now to tell you what that has to do with pain, I was put on Neurontin and Topamax to reduce nerve pain and it controls my FM pain about 80%. I do not have to take much in the way of painkillers because of the drugs I am on. I am also on two antidepressants and one one sleep aid. I was in pain for the last 13 years and was a total insomnaic (sp) and was chronicly depressed and am finally getting back on stable ground.

    The Neurontin and Topamax have been used very widely for the pain that we have and it might be something you want to research and ask about.
  10. ladydi

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    Hi, I/m diane,

    I've had FM 13 years. By now I'm only allowed Ultram.
    (I'm 40 now)
    Would you like to know the reason? Physcians are scared
    they will have their records anolized (sp) by the state
    for prescribing too many narcotics.

    The reason I know this? My Rhummy tells me I have FM, (one
    of his most severe cases,) but, yet he submits symptoms; such as arthralgia, myalgias, thigh pain, ect, to my
    insurance company. He doesn't even allow his RA patients to
    take Narcotics.

    The only way to get a Narcotic in this area, is to lie,
    and say "Acute back pain" or something like that.

    Does anyone agree with me on this issue? Sad huh?

    Good Pole, I've learned alot about others pain relievers.

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  11. sunshineno2

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    I am on methadone(30mg)Anyway, I still have days that I can't do anything. But my pain specialist is so nice about it. You know, I am scared sometimes about being on narcotics so long.(long term affects)And tolerance!But, for now it's going to have to be this way.Good Luck!Wish you the best.
  12. LindaW

    LindaW New Member

    what is ankylosing spondylitis? wlcome this is a great site. I take ultram it barely cuts the pain but my doctor will not prescribe anything stronger.
  13. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    I'm also from Washington. I can't believe that name wasn't taken! Great one. I think that everyone has to find the analgesic medication that works best for them at that particular time in their disease. dolsgirl
  14. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    fm sucks, yes it does!!!! i take ultram, my doctor tells me i will have to come see him (when i am in a really bad flare) to get anything rx'd stronger. how dumb..... i can't even leave the house, let alone drive when i am in that much pain. frustrating to say the least.

    by the way, for those who use the generic tramadol, it can cause headaches. we posted on this before, must be some filler they use because many on the board had this reaction. the ultram does not give me headaches, but the tramadol was awful.

    warm regards, fibolady
  15. Mom2Two

    Mom2Two New Member

    It sounds like you need a new doctor if you feel like she just wants to get rid of you. I bugged mine so much they helped the referral go through to see a rheumatologist. She really understands what I have to endure each and every day. Do you have any other options for a physician?
  16. pamela

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    The only way I got long term treatment was to have my doctor refer me to a pain management clinic. That was my salvation and they put me on right away the Lorcet 10. It does help but still have breakthrough pain. You just have to know how to take it I guess. That would be my advice to you is GO TO A PAIN MGT. CLINIC!!! That way you can get a fair amount of meds each month that will get you through life. Hugs...Pamela
  17. AnnetClo

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    I was diagnosed in October of last year and have finally found a doctor who understands FM. I take Percocet and Skelaxin (a muscel relaxant) 3X a day and Elavil for sleep. So far this seems to be working.

    One thing you have going for you is that your doctor is willing to learn about the disorder and treatment. Maybe you can also download some info about FM and take that along with you.

  18. CathyS

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    Dear Lisa, Hi. My heart goes out to you Dear. I have had Fibro and Lupus, and Degn.Arth,Degn.Disc,and Peripheal Neuropathies diagnosed for 4 years now. I started on the Ultram etc., with Vicoden etc. I was where you are at about 3 years ago, and luckily, my Primary Dr. decided to send me to a wonderful Rheumatologist(which YOU need), who understands, and has studied the pain that you are in! He took me off the pills, promised me comfort in wearing what is called the Duregesic Patch. It is a class II narcotic, so you have to go in each month for the script, it cannot be called in. But, the drive is worth it! I became new person. You will have to adjust the dosage(Dr. will as you start feeling more pain etc.). I stayed on them for 3 years. The unfortunate part is that you become quite immune to a lot of pain meds. I am now on a combination of Neurontin and Methadone, and topomax. But for the pain, the Methadone has again, brought me new life! I am just very tired, but I already was tired so that doesn't bother me. I only suffer pain now from over doing it etc. But the joint pain of the Fibro and Lupus...what a relief. The Methadone treatment is quite new, and I do not suggest you go to this. But, the Duregesic, sounds like what you might try, since the others, Vicoden etc. you have outgrown. You will want to kiss your Dr. when you find that relief. Hope this helps...sincerely, CathyS..I am new today also!!
  19. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    Thank you so much, I am printing them to take to my doc.

  20. klutzo

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    I've had FMS for 17 yrs. and for me preventing the pain from getting to the point where I need pain meds has worked best.
    I do this by keeping my muscles from contracting. I take small doses (1/4 of a .25 mg. tab) of Xanax every five hours, around the clock. I take a whole tablet 2 hrs. before bedtime to help me sleep.
    There are other things that have helped with pain also, but this has worked best for me.