What is the most well tolerated SSRI for MCS/DRUG sensitive ppl?

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    Hi all! Just wondering, what the best one is for us MCSer's? i am so chemically and drug sensitive that even crumbs of some drugs knock me out! its so hard to find the right thing! So could any of you with MCS / severe drug sensitivities that take SSRI's or other anti-d's let us know what you CAN take and what sort of dose u can tolerate? low dose etc. How does it help?

    Thanks! Chris. :)
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    Thanks alot.

    Do you get any side effects other than the initial ones u got like nightmares or loss of libido etc? I heard those are common on zoloft. Thanks tho, i actually have some zoloft and havent been game to take it yet! :) might have a try. Do u feel ok on it? do u get emotionally flat or anything like that?

    Let me know,
    Thanks, Chris.
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    My oncologist prescribed 40 mg of zoloft, which I assumed was way too much for me. I split the tablet into eighths, so about 5 mg. After a few days I became VERY depressed, had a sunburn feeling all over my body and could barely move due to lack of motivation. Prozac did the same thing to me. Diane
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    I take Zoloft (25mg) per day. Started at 50mg but it was too much. Libido was down at 50mg but after I added Buspar to the mix it came roaring back. I take 30mg Buspar, 25mg Zoloft and 20mg ritalin per day now. They've been doing wonders for me.

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    Thanks for the input. Does the buspar (is that wellbutrin?) give u anxiety? i suppose perhaps the zoloft would keep the anxiety away while the buspar picks u up? could be good. Ive heard of this combination of SSRI and wellbutrin before. some people get strong anxiety from wellbutrin thats all.

    Thanks again,
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    Ah ok that sounds like it helps to a good degree then skeesix. Thanks.

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    I am very sensative to meds. I started wellbutrine one month ago. At times I do have insomnia with this drug but no anxiety. No sexual side effects thats a plus too! I do notice that I have electrical jolts down my body. Have heard this is a side effect of ssri's. I am taking 150mg every other day. I feel that everyday is to much to be taking this stuff and my doc said every other is fine. what ever works. I have noticed that I no longer have muscle pain!!! that is a miracle.
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    Thanks alot! wow wellbutrin took away your muscle pain! wow i think id be up for trying that! Wellbutrin is actually not an SSRI it is in a different class because it works on dopamine instead of serotonin, hence the different set of side effects = no libido loss. I would try this i think at v. small doses to start with. Might wake me up!!

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    so here's what my sister does. She takes lexapro. She has doneMANY others but this is suppossed to be a purer form of celexa (I think). It helps with her orthostatic intolerance by working on the central nervous system, but if you already have problems with low blood pressure be careful. Some doctors will see you improve and up your dose which then lowers your blood pressure and make things way worse. I know many people have success with different things, hope you have luck in finding what works for you.
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    Chris, I've taken just about every drug for depression ever made. I did Prozac when it first came out, for about nine mos. It stopped working. I was then tried on Pamelor, Luvox, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Effexor, Zoloft, etc. etc., not in that order, but you get the idea. The last was Effexor, I think. Anyway, I can't tolerate ANY of the SSRI group. Zoloft and Effexor were the very worst of all for me (I was crawling the walls, very nauseous, and unable to think at all; it was awful). I don't remember the Wellbutrin having any adverse effects, it just didn't work with for my depression. Paxil made me way too sleepy. Be aware that many of the SSRIs tend to cut the appetite, and this would obviously be a problem for you. Proceed slowly and with care. You hopefully will find something that works for YOU. Good luck, Barry. Hope this isn't gibberish, but am very spaced out today...
  13. Misdiagnosed

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    I had a shocking reaction to Zoloft - couldn't slee, eat or move, dreadful stomach cramps - gave it away after 48 hours of sheer hell. Was put on one fo the newer ones called Avanza (not an SSRI) - called something else in the US, Rimeron or something. No side effects at all - was an absolute breeze in comparison.

    hope this helps