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    That is the study of your head? Actually the soft spot in your head?

    When I lived in Toronto 12 years ago, my neighbor who was a homeopathic and chiropractic doctor told me about his session and that she was able to read his life by feeling and looking at the shape of his head and scalp.

    Has anyone else heard of it? For some reason, that has been on my mind the last few days and it's bugging me!

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    Thanks Linda, I believe that is what I am looking for!

    Has anyone tried it? If so, what is your opinion?

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    I have never had this done,,,,But when i was a Therapy aid there was a Therapist who did this Cranial Sacral release therapy,,,,,,,and He had alot of patients!,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I believe it is a very touchy or delicate therapy that can only be done by a certified (CRS) Therapist,,,,,,,,But according to his Patients it was Very Very helpful in alot of the areas mentioned above,,,
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    I have depression, chronic back and neck pain that I see the chiropractor for, and stress is off the chart - for a lot of reasons.

    I am desperate to find some relief from this hell-o that I have been living for the last few years.

    I hope I can find a certified doctor in my area and set a consultation.

    I don't think the CHIT CHAT SPA is going to be enough to help me this time.

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    I think it would be a good thing for you to try! Hopefully the Doc can hook you up with one of these Therapist,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Definetly worth a try!
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    There is a (controversial) therapy called "phrenology", defined as the study of 'character traits' by feeling bumps on the head. I'm not sure if this relates to your inquiry but it's what came to my mind.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa