What is the next logical step up from Lorcet??

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    I am currently taking 2 10mg tablets at a time. The doctor has mentioned severeal other pain meds, but I don't want to go too far up the scale of meds for fear that I'll just develop a tolerance to them as well and then won't be able to get relief from anything any more. I have a phobia about asking for more pain meds anyway because of the way that I have been treated by some doctors in the past.

    I'm not sure what the difference is, but I can't take Lortab. They seem to make me tense up more, give me the itchy, crawly feeling and all that good junk. They hurt me worse rather than actually helping.

    I've also got to try a larger dose of xanax and maybe a different muscle relaxer - something besides flexeril. I'm just constantly tensed with muscles that never relax and in terrible pain all of the time. I do work on myofascial knots and am getting better at releasing them.

    Any suggestions on what to go to next? The doc appears to be willing to work with me on some of them, I just don't know what to ask her about. She's even mentioned oxycodone and morphine. I've had a bad experience with the morphine after a major surgery once. The nurses, in an attempt to get me out of so much pain, gave me so much that I had a seizure, so I'm a little afraid of that one and I also think that it's maybe too big of a jump from what I am taking now.

    Ideas anyone?
    Thanks.....you are my only support system and my fibro-family.
    ((((((hugs to you all))))))
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    Hey girl,

    I know I have'nt posted for a while cause I've been sooooo sick. Feeling better now finally! I can actually get out of bed.

    I'm still not sure what Lorcet is, is it a generic form of Vicodin? Unfortunately, any pain meds we take after awhile lose their effect, esp. if you have been in a flare and are taking more than usual.

    You're right, the next step up is either morphine or oxycodone. Maybe the oxycodone would work better for you if it's not in a extended release that you take only once or twice a day. My sis tried that and said that it did'nt help her pain hardly at all!

    As far as the flexeril goes, it's kind of an older muscle relaxant and there's a few newer ones that may work better for you. I would ask the doc about bachlofen or maybe zanaflex. The bachlofen works best for me!

    Anywho, good luck and God bless,
    Hugs, Julie

    P.S. Maybe we could chat later!
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    I think that its in the same family as vicodin and lortab. I actually thought that they were pretty much the same thing, but apparently my body doesn't think so.

    I'm thinking that they told me at the pharmacy that the lorcet has more acetaminophen(sp?) in it. I can't take the lortab. They make me wired and actually make me hurt worse because it feels like I tense up really bad after taking them. I just don't like the way that they make me feel at all. The lorcet doesn't do that to me.
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    My mother likes the pain patches. Hers were Lidoderm, but there is also Fentanyl.

    She has degenerative disc disease. Her doctor combined the following meds:

    Darvocette for breakthrough pain
    Lidoderm pain patches - (my mom said these really helped)
    Low dose of cortisone each day

    It seems rather than take a larger doses of a single drug, combining several different meds at lower doses helped more.

    Ask your doctor about adding the pain patches along with the Lortab. Also to try Darvocette for breakthrough pain.

    You may need less Lortab.

    If you ever feel you have a tolerance to the Lortab or ever wish to stop it, you can ask about a drug called Subutex which also treats pain.

    Subutex is taken to allow you to stop opiates with no withdrawals. There is a protocol for Subutex and doctors must be specially licensed to prescribe it. (Most doctors who are addiction specialists are familiar with it).

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