what is the proper diet?

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    My sigficant other has chronic fatigue..i need suggestions for proper diet...I have been cooking fresh sald, veggeis, beetsw, mushrooms, fresh fruit, esp. berries, fish and chicken..white meat...We have small meals during the day..
    I am loosing weight and feel great, he says that he is feeling great also...if you have any suggestions for meals, or recipes or places that I could look on the net to help me ...so that he can remain healthy...I would appreciate it...it seems that the laughter we share helps 2-they say it is the best medicine...thanks in advance..:)
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    Hi - your diet looks pretty good, and here a few suggestions to improve it. By the way, I am not a dietician but I've been obsessed with health and nutrition my whole life, and have read and tried every "diet" known to man kind! These suggestions are what I believe make a diet healthy, and ones that work for me.

    The salads are good, but steamed veges are better. Once the vegetable has been slightly cooked, your body can more readily absorb the nutrients - cooking in the microwave is the worst. If you decide to boil, save the water and use it for stock. With salads just add a little balsalmic vinegar and lemon juice - tastes great.

    Manage blood sugar levels by staying away from hig GI carbs - eg. white rice, potatoes, white bread, pasta, pastries etc, sugar. You are better off to eat wholegrains eg oatmeal, wholegrain bread.

    Try to eat protein with every meal - buy some protein powder to have with your breakfast. Have a peice of fruit and 5 - 6 almonds as a snack. The protein and the fat from the nuts will help lower the overall GI of your snack / meal, and stablise your blood sugar levels. If you can afford it there are some good protein bars around. Always check the carb content of these things - make sure its not too high.

    Stone fruits, oranges and apples generally have lower GIs than fruits like watermelon, pineapple, mango. I still eat these fruits, but not in great quanities.

    I mentioned almonds earlier - nuts and seeds are great - they have protein, fat and carbs all together in a convenient snack form - but dont eat too many! Count out your serve and put the rest away. I would say have no more than 15 almonds per day. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin kernals are a great addition to salads.

    There are different theories on how often you should eat in the day - I prefer to eat about 6 small meals. This means I never go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating and my blood sugars are stable throughout the day.

    If you are trying to lose weight, cut complex carbs from your evening meal - just have steak and salad or vege (not potato eg brocolli, cauli, onions, beans, asparagus, beet)

    You need to have fat in your diet - good sources are fish oil, nuts, olive oil, avocodo, flax seed oil. Fats to avoid - any animal fat, margarine - anything that is naturally liquid and has had something done to it to make it a solid is baaaaad - they are called transfatty acids and your body has no way of processing them.

    I think a small amount of feta cheese or parmesan is okay too - it adds a lot of flavour for just a small amount - especially in salads or on veges.

    And I'm sure you know about drinking lots of water :)

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the diet.