what is the VSC test?

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    I hear new things every time I check in with you guys. It keeps me humble! There are so many things I've never heard of.
    I've been reading some posts on a vsc test taken on your computer. what does it test for? where do I go to find it?
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    VSC test can be found on the chronic neurotoxin site. You may have read I have done the test on the computer and also in the doctor's office with the real equipment. I found them to be about the same. You see little lines titled to the right, left or straight up. Or you can't see the lines and which way they point. It sounds very much like a kindergarten game but you eyes can tell a lot about your health. An eye doctor once told me I should see an allergist about my allergies after he did my exam. He said he could see changes that indicated allergies. I saw an allergist and he was right. Feeling great finally!
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    I haven't told him said I was positive yet. I was suppose to do it in january!!! I had a lot of personal problems consuming my life and no computer then. I've been spending a great deal of my time on the web trying to catch up on the cfids news, listening to the message boards and trying to rebuild my confidence in the medical community.
    I am at the point of determining that I would most benifit from provigil, strattera to help me get up and out. I've tried so many pills in the past 10 yrs. And docs have let me down also. But the doc that asked me to do the vsc test is always looking for a cure and god bless him for that. He is an infectious disease specialist that believes this bad boy is HHV-6 related (if the stealth virus theory did'nt let him down.) My reg. md turned me down for cns drug said it was speed. He always rolls his eyes to refill my vicodin and robaxin and has made remarks that lead me to believe he thinks all of us fibro queens are stressed out housewives. and cfs is one of the same. SO I will go back and show infectious disease specialist my results and question the therapy he may have in mind . Because I'm damn tired of my quality of life as it is right now. I'm serious about leaving a good memory of ME to my loved ones when I'm gone this year I never got to take my children swimming or many good memories of special events in life lately. On my good days spent with them have'nt been bad but I have'nt been well. And I want to be a role model for them when it comes to healthy lifestyle and living active. Happy mom makes happier kids. I read you take provigil and it made a big difference in your life. All others on it have expressed almost word for word. Maybe one other said it wasn't for her. I feel I deserve the chance to try it. But I must jump the hoops to get it. I'm preparing myself the fight. My mom has narcalepsy, I may have just a little of her brain chemistry. GOSH guess I was on a role, sorry so long. Please reply. COuld use a friend
    Karen (kjan9)
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    Hi again,
    I don't really have the hang of how to use this message board effectively yet. I clicked "reply" to reply to your message and it pulls up saying I'm replying to my own original message. How to reach just you??? got me. I hope you get this.

    You say your mom has narcalepcy? (I can't spell today)
    Is she on Provigil? would she be opposed to letting you try just one (when you're really dragging) and see if it helps?

    I'm still curious about the vsc test. Did you take yours at a doctors office, or on the computer. I went to Dr. Shoemaker's site as told, but cant find where or how to take the test. Of course I didn't look long, I just browsed during my break.

    As far as your doc thinging all fm/cfs patients being "stressed out housewives" ........ there might be something to that. I'm not a housewife, I'm a working mom (although my kids have all graduated high school now), but from what I've read it sounds like most of us are (were) driven, active women (athletes, career girls, mothers, ect.). Maybe we just let the stress of this busy society wear us too thin. We've worked hard trying to be the perfect '90s women, holding it all together, wearing all the hats, and trying to do everything well. I think some of us were just not built to withstand the demands of the day ... and we broke.

    Then again... My reading has also lent me to believe that fm is caused by some kind of virus (maybe in the spinal column) . who knows. That's our favorite question, huh?

    Well, good luck in your search for the best treatment for you. I know what works is different for all of us. So, May the force be with you!
    Gentle Hugs,
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    You can put my name under message search to read profile and other things I'd written sometimes all come up with everyone comments under subjects sometimes not.
    THe VSC is under chronicneurotoxins, Dr. Shoemaker, it is an online test. It cost me 8.95 on my versatel visa. It is supposed to determine whether you could have been exposed to any biotoxins. That may have for example given you Lime disease or some other toxicisity(?) It explains a lot there without doing the test if you want more info.
    As far as stressed out housewives theory, I may would believe it, but I live a much different life, just trying to get out of bed and trying to function trying to aleiviate pain hour by hour. Definately more to it than that. My poor mom has so many medical conditions not being treated right now and her body is so weak no doctor would even consider giving her a cns drug even while living with narcalepsy. She's been thru not only that diagnosis but manic depression, lymphoma cancer (supposedly remision now) fibro, cfids and now a rare but deadly paraneo plastic. She's been hospitalized 3 times under quarantine since I moved her back to Arkansan last june. Even had to wear a suit for burn victims as a treatment. Last June she wanted to go back for the sake of my 17yr old brother to be with his dad and her health was fair. Then 12 days after contracted the illness. Too ill to come back and 2000 miles from me has been hard. She left me and my newly divorce state with her house, providing me a home with a low house payment. But we did'nt know we should've done an Quit Claim. SSI made her (me) sell the house due to there rules even if I believe it probably could've been exemped due to me being a disabled child of hers (no matter my age). It caused a huge hardship on us both, but me espeially here in Ca so expensive. And I've gotten worst with my illness. I've had a lot on my plate and put off doctors visits.
    Long enough, guess you got to know me. I did get your other reply show up on my profile!!
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