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  1. 1975jet

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    Hi, i found this great sight and have been reading all. Last year, I had to stop working and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety- I had panic attacks and it was awful. I was on short term through work disiab. My whole body would ache, I was having these problems 2 or so years ago and just kept stuffing them pains in the neck, shoulders, arms, knees lower back- the stiffness alot. Well I applied for long term disab. where I was working and got denied twice- my therapist and doctor feel I could have FMS-I get awful headaches- and take quite a bit of meds- it helps sometimes but doesn't other times. Sometimes it feels like you got run over by a truck..

    I have always worked since I was 16, I am 50 now and this is hard to take in- people tell me to apply for SSD- I worked for it- what would you suggest?? Not working now-lost my job...

    Undecided - too proud- not sure if the energy is there anymore.
  2. sisland

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    Hi 1975jet
    I'm not a doctor but it sounds like you have Fibromyaligia
    i was one of many who had to swallow their pride and apply for disability!......................................................not fun at all!! It might help out if you could get a firm diagnosis from your doctor before you apply!!...................but yes if you don't feel like it's possible to continue working then maybe you should look into it!!................................................................Feeling like you've been ran over by a mack truck is definatley a symptem !.................................always sorry to hear that another person has this disorder! keep reading the posts and check out the Disability site up above!...............sisland
  3. 1975jet

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    Thank you, for the welcome- I don't think I qualify for SSD-I am going back to school in the fall if I can handle it- I was a Customer Service Rep. for over 20 years and my doctors tells me I cannot do this type of work anymore because of the multi-tasking, which is hard to except- I sleep at night, I think but wake up alot with pains and toss and turn 8 hours of sleep BUT not restful sleep-does this make sense??

    You know what else bums me out - I can only stay on the computer 45 min.-1hour at a time- then the pain comes and I feel soooo exhausted. Oh, well I know I have to deal with it- How long have you had this illness?
  4. rockgor

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    pride would keep you from applying for soc. sec. It's a benefit that you've been paying for all these years.

    If you get better you can always go back to work and cancel the soc. sec. Don't you need the medical coverage/Medicare?

    If you do apply be sure to get help from an atty. Good luck.
  5. 1975jet

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    Thanks for the comments- I did speak with allsup this morning and they told me because I'm going back to school, SSD would deny me- they feel if I can got to school than I could work-so brick wall again- no I have no insurance anymore, I pay for things out of pocket- I'm married to a man I love truly- who is on SSD and we are awaiting for a liver transplant- he has been on this list for over 2-1/2 years now- between this and working I had a total melt down -is what they tell me. The pain now has gotten worse-what stress can do to a person!!!

    I really want school if I can do it... So I guess, I'm SOL with SSD.

    Thank you again
  6. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Hi Rockgor- I saved this because, I talked to a lawyer a couple of days ago and I am really thinking about applying for SSD, I want to go back to school so bad- but I think I better cool it for awhile. And yes you are correct it is pride-

    Just scared I guess- so any encouragement I will take- I've gotta at least try. Yes I do need the insurance and
    have been falling short everywhere I try to get help. Some meds I get free and some I pay out of pocket-

    Getting to a point- where the pain is taking different trails and I need to swallow that pride.

    Thank you again

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