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    I was infected with chlamydia from a prostitute in Phnom Penh. The infection went all the way through my body to my eyes. So I had discharge both on my penis and in my eyes.

    I might have been infected with something else as well. I thought I had HIV.

    When I got home I got treatment for gonorreah and chlamydia and my infection went away. But I had symptoms in my lymph nodes. Mainly armpits. Basically I had painful lymph nodes and felt a bit swollen.

    The pain in my lymph nodes is quite constant and has been so for now more than two years. I was infected in 2013. It is symmestric and a bit systemic because I can also sometimes feel pain in groin area lymph nodes and head area lymph nodes. Btw the lymph nodes on the breast are also as painful as the ones in the armpit.

    I have taken many HIV tests and they have all been negative. I have also tested for HTLV1/2, hepatitis B/C, syphilis, chlamydia again after a year, CMV, EBV, all negative.

    I wonder what I got and what I have. Could it be a parasite? The pain in my lymph nodes mainly armpit and breast area are quite constant.

    They did CD4 and CD8 tests on me. I had 900 CD4 and 1300 CD8. They said I had activated CD8. Doesnt that mean that I have a clinical infection? Are there other viruses that can give these symptoms?

    What could it be? Please help I am in pain and the doctors turn me away and tell me its nothing. But it is a chronic infection and I need help with it. At least I want a diagnose.
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    Have u gone to doctor?
  3. You should consult with good doctor.