What is this? Do I have ADD? Please help

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  1. cjr2003

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    I am trying to determine what certain symptoms mean that I

    am having and have had for many years. I am concerned that

    I have ADD. I mentioned this to my Pain management

    specialist, and he quickly wrote out a script for Adderal

    for me. I was amazed how quickly he wrote this script out

    when I haven't even been diagnosed with ADD. I am not even

    sure what type of dr. is needed for such a diagnosis, but I

    am not even sure that this is what I have. I just don't

    know what my symptoms mean. I have trouble focusing and

    seeing projects through. Mostly I think because the pain

    gets in the way of me finishing alot of things. I have to

    work on something a little at a time, and many things get

    procrastinated because I am always waiting to feel better

    to start anything up again. I feel like I cannot retain

    information - I feel so stupid sometimes. I can read my

    Bible lesson and study it for hours, but when I go to

    church and sit in the ladies class, all that studying and

    all the ideas in my head just go somewhere else or get all

    jumbled up in there and in our class they jump from

    subject to subject every minute and I struggle just to keep

    up with the conversation sometimes. But, I feel like my

    brain is working so slow, and getting my thoughts out of my

    head and out of my mouth is just so challenging. I have

    read a little about sensory overload and wonder if when I

    get in a classroom situation like this, this is why I get

    so overwhelmed, and feel like running out of the classroom

    at full speed. I almost feel like I am going to have a

    panic attack at times. I feel like I know how I feel about

    what we are talking about,but I can't communicate it.

    Maybe it is because we have so many people speaking at once

    and bringing up different ideas each time. It all just

    overwhelms me horrifically. I had to write each lady in

    our group ( I chose to) a personal letter stepping down

    from being the class leader to teach/lead the class when it

    came my turn because I never know when I can be there due

    to my fibromyalgia and my pain. Sometimes, I feel like my

    thoughts in my head are all coming at me so quickly that i

    cannot slow my brain down to make sense of it all. I have

    noticed when I have alot of sugar I feel like this more

    often. Could this be hypoglycemia? My brain just races

    and I just want to run away from everything and everyone

    when this happenns. I have had problems w/ anxiety in the

    past. Could this be social anxiety? I used to take Effexor

    for anxiety and it worked wonderfully, but I will not go

    back on it because it is too hard to get off of and when we

    try for a baby again, I cannot go through withdrawals again

    to get off it. Is there an anxiety med. or supplement that

    I can take that doesn't cause bad symptoms when you go off

    it? I downloaded info offline about ADD and I have

    several of the symptoms. Many, many of them, but, I have

    also read that vitamin deficiency can cause ADD symptoms

    that mimic ADD. I have recently purchased Gingko Biloba to

    try and B-12 sublingual tablets. How do I know what this

    is that I am going through? It is so complicated having

    fibro. I have had fibro fog, but this seems like severe

    severe fibro fog. Sometimes, I just cannot think at all

    and have to go and lie down for it to get better. Thinking past the pain is so hard sometimes. I am

    really struggling. I know meds can cause side effects too.

    I take Lyrica 75mg 3 times daily. Darvocet for pain. Zomig

    for migraines. Levoxyl for thryroid. Zyrtec

    D.Cyclobenzaprine. Lunesta.Zelnorm. Help please. LOL Carla
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    P.s. I haven't tried the Adderal that my pain dr. prescribed for me. i did some research on it and decided it was too addictive for me. It causes withdrawal symptoms when you go off it, it's very hard to get off of and I don't want to take a med that does that since we will try for a baby again in the fall.[This Message was Edited on 05/04/2006]
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  3. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

  4. place

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    I was dx with ADD when I was 10. Although you have pain, your discription sounds dead on for ADD. I teach special education/APE, and it sound typical of ADD/ADHD. A medical doc or pyc. can diagnose. When we suspect ADD, we recommend the parents take this concern to their GP for a diagnosis. But I do think fibro fog and ADD have very similar symptoms.

    Good luck!
  5. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I would want a definite diagnosis before jumping into meds. Your doc was very quick in his response. We should only take medications if we know they are for the right ailment.

    Good luck,

  6. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    The Adderal is sitting in my cupboard. I doubt I will ever take it because of it's side effects. What I read on it scared me to death. These med's are pretty controversial right now aren't they? My mom thinks I need to research the effects of long term chronic pain and migraines on the brain as far as cognitive function goes. It's not a bad idea. I did a little bit of googling today but haven't come up with anything really. I feel like my brain is lazy. I don't study properly because my brain gets so tired and confused. It was not like this in school, so why is it now? I was told that you don't get ADD at age 30 something. If u have it now, you had it as a child/teen. Is that true? I can't keep anything in my head; it is one of the most frustrating things I have ever had to deal with. When i was in school, I don't think I learned properly - i memorized so much; but it didn't sink in. The algebra is the only thing I think really sunk in!! I can still do algebra as of today. LOL Carla
  7. Strawberry94

    Strawberry94 New Member


    If you have issues with dizziness or vertigo, this is a great article about how what kinds of cognitive effects can accompany these symptoms. It was really a relief to me to read this.
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    With us living overseas with the military, things may be different but...

    A GP can NOT dx ADD/ADHD...only a psych doc can do that, then he recommends a regular doc prescribe the proper medication.

    There are some wonerful books on ADD/ADHD out there, maybe you could get one or more and look through the symptoms that are carefully described.

    Since hubby, daughter and I are all ADHD, we do have some experience with it...but your descriptions didn't necessarily jump off the page to me. There's so much more to a dx than a few things.

    In fact, the testing we did was about 10 pages of answering questions going all the way back to childhood, then an hour with a psych, then back to the doc to see if he agreed, then meds.

    I think many docs will prescribe ADD meds to see if they help with energy for those of us with FM/CFS and I really don't agree with the practice.

    I think it's just another one of those things that they shove pills at us hoping we'll "go away", since they don't really know what to do for us.

    None of us take any of the new medications, Ritalin works well for us and with around 40 years of experience with this drug, we're all happy to take it.

    Good luck,

    Nancy B.
  9. girlymom

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    You sound like my twin. I deal with this constantly. Sometimes it is so bad that I can't follow a conversation at all. I think I'm listening then I feel like I'm not really there and when I return I am lost. I frequently say the wrong word for and sound so stupid. My kids laugh at me and I think I don;t know why I just said that. I have experienced problems w/ anxiety and panic attacks at times severe. I too have to take a time out again to refocus and regain composure. Sometimes I look in the miror and literally get confused as to who is looking back at me. I have forgotten my ph. #, my bank code. I really panic when things like that happen and feel the need to get away fast. I have always assumed and been told that I sufer from severe brain fog, whatever that is. I do take Klonopin, it's an old drug (anxiety)and can be addicting at high doses, but I take a low dose and much of the time it works well for me. It can clear my fog and help me think more clearly in about 30 min. Several drs have said it works for mw because it raises my tolerence to outside stimuli. I am very careful about managing my intake though. I too know what it's like to try to get off of antidepressants. Good luck!
  10. ilovecats94

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    How are you? My son had had ADHD since he was in the fourth grade. He ended up seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in adult ADD/ADHD and I would think that is who you would need to see. He has been on Ritalin ever since and still is at 27 years old and just got married last month.

    You need to be tested by an expert in that field first.

    To my knowledge hypoglycemia doesn't cause that brain racing you are talking about.

    Sweety, you need to see an expert on this, I can't dx you as I'm not a doctor.

    Wishing the best for you and having the baby you want so badly. How is your cat, I can't remember her/his name. Was it Tabby?

    I haven't seen you on the board in so long and mostly I have just been reading on here lately.

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    I have recently purchased gingko biloba and B-12 sublingual tablets to aid in my symptoms, but I do want to see someone who is qualified to test me. I want to know what a professional thinks. I took an ADD test a little bit ago from the AmenClinic website and it said that I was "highly probable" for ADD Inattentive type and "Probable" for Limbic System Hyperactivity and "Probable" for Basal Ganglia Hyperactivity and "may be possible" for Temporal Lobe System disfunction. Of course, in this test, the question of do I have fibromyalgia never came up, so, these test results may be totally off, I just don't know. I think only a professional can weigh each thing and make an educated decision on my particular circumstances. I appreciate everyone's comments, I really do. I just want to get this addressed, so that I can then start to deal with it and do what I can to make it better. I do not want to go on the Adderal, or Strattera, or any thing addictive, so, herbs and vitamins may be my only solution for now. I just wonder how a dr. will be able to decide if this is fibro-fog - severe at times or ADD. All I know is I need some answers. I feel at times so not myself by how my brain makes me feel. And I worry that people will think I am not interested in what others are talking about if I don't comment. I have been thinking about asking to go on Buspar for anxiety since it is not addictive and is used for long term anxiety. I am going to google it and see what all the side effects are. LOL Carla

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