What is this feeling? Flare? or what?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have some unusal pains that I have not had before. I get a sharp pain in my leg it, when I touch it it really hurts and feels like I have brusied it but there is nothing there to show that it has a reason to hurt. This same feeling happens all over my body several times a day , it hurts to badly even when I just brush up against it.
    I also have been getting alot of sicaitia in my butt cheeks, this pain does not run down my butt and in to the back of my legs, it comes around to my groin and down my leg where it settles in my thigh and hurts like I have been hit with a baseball bat. Also my left wrist aches more and more as the weather changes, the titiaum plate and screws feel like they move, I know that one screw is loose. The only way to fix it is surgery and take out the plate and screws , I don't want any more surgeries I have had so many of them in the past number of years. I am terrified of surgery now. I had one bad experience where I felt like I could not breathe and could not tell any one about it. It happened many years ago yet every time my ortho talks of surgery I feel this huge panic attack comming one and I remember what happened before and know it could happen again.
    I don't know what is going on with my body and where this pain is comming from , it is really scarey for me, pain that I can't explain, I wish i knew what was going on . Waht is wrong with me?
    REally nervous and sick of pain
  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    With the weather changing now and going towards winter I am having the same sort of things. Stabbing pain for no apparent reason. Back of my legs and behind my kness hurt like hell and my hips are so sore I cannot lay long and I am sitting on two thick soft pillows just to be online.

    I get what feels like nerve pain down my wrist into my thumbs.
  3. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I was reading up on this as I have butt pain, hip pain and into the legs at times and was x-rayed. I was told a degenerated L2 disc. I read up on this online and it says it does come from the spine. It also presses on the sciatic nerve for me. sometimes I have the right butt hurt and other times, the left butt.
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I also have degenerative disc diease, bulging discs L4-L5 and S1, spinal stenosis,
    just falling apart I guess. I dislike this never ending pain, I dont' want more pain pills I just want to not hurt so much. I am either sleeping or sitting and dozing off when I take my pain meds. And some times it is the fibro that makes me sleepy and can't stay awake. I am so tired of acheing all over and really wanting to tell my family how I feel but no one really gets it. I have told my MOm but some how she thinks that pain is a compitition for her. She has more pain than me kinda thing, My daughters think I am sharing too much and they don't want to hear about it. And they hate it when I forget which child did what thing in the past . I know one had jauntice, 0ne got bitten by the rabbit but I know which one that was. I am not going to be allowed to be in the delivery room with my youngest daughter {Hubby is active duty and will not be there for the birth} She thinks I will start telling my stories of me when I had my babies and keep telling them over and over again. And that I will mix up which baby I had problems with and will tell those stories over and over again till she wants to smack me. I said to smack me but let me be there for you.

    I will not talk about me or what happened to me when you and your sisters were born. She does not belive that one at all. I hate fibro because I can't remember who did what as a baby , child, teenager. I am confused that things I once knew for certien are now questioned. It is scarey. Maybe I am just plain sick of feeling sick and have no reason for feeling like this. No mack truck ran over me in real life but that is how I feel . I have not been pulled thru a knot hole back wards but my body aches like it has. So what do I do.
    thanks for letting me ramble
  5. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I didn't answer right away because these posts go to a different email than the one I use, don't know why.

    I feel badly for you. I am wondering if you could find someone that you can talk to either a therapist or a support group?

    This is what helped me a lot in the beginning, I had kids at home back then, tired, unable to cope, feeling like a doormat and that nobody cared.

    Flash forward, I have grandkids, taking care of one of them and my life is physically painful but through talking with people that cared, I learned to care for myself, too.

    Just a suggestion, just from what helped me the most.

    Eventually, when I was able to go back to work, I worked in the direct care field and my gift was sitting and listening to the clients. Most of them had families that didn't care or were too busy to care. I couldn't have listened to them without learning to let go after I left the house.

    I had to learn boundaries if I could be of any help to anyone including myself. We teach people how to treat us too, I am still not perfect on that one, but I got in touch with my anger and I will only take so much.

    The pain has come back where I had to file for SS, which I get a small amount each month to help.

    But, I can feel your pain, and really, people do care about you. Find a group to make yourself another family that you can find the love an acceptance that you need, even if it is with a church.
  6. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    The way you described your pain is exactly what is happening to me. I get the butt cheek pain something fierce, and mine also goes around my groin and it settles at the top of my thighs. I also get abdominal pains as well. I do have bulging disk problems in my L4, L5, and also the S1.

    The anxiety this brings to me is overwhelming. I never know if it's a gynecological problem, with the groin pain, or is it a disk problem, I even thought that maybe I could have kidney stones or something, my mind races wondering what it is. I have had a cat scan of the hip/buttock area, also I had an MRI of the area. Both haven't revealed anything that would explain such pain. I am terrified of surgery of any kind, I just feel that my poor fibro body would just not be able to take it.

    I understand completely about the "pain you can't explain". I feel the same, it overwhelms me , and because I have it all the time.............I can't escape it. Although, some days, it's not as bad, on some level it is always there. I'm thinking about you, you're not alone. Hugs, Chelz.
  7. yellarose

    yellarose New Member

    Rosemarie, am sorry you are in alot of pain. I too, have the FMS, Osteoarthritis, lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease and the specific symptom of L4,L5, giving me a pain that goes into my left lower butt into the the thigh area. Cat Scan and MRI shows the problem areas. This lowback has been such a problem. However, my neurologist said there are 3 non-surgical things I can do. Medication, Pnysical Therapy and Epidural Steroid Injection. I am too painful to even think about physical therapy so I am opting for the Epidural Steroid Injection next Wednesday.

    Some people say its helped them and some say it did not help them. Steroid injections I have had in the past on my shoulder and knee only lasted a short time, but I have to wait and see on this thing on my lumbar area. He gave me a prescription, but I looked it up and too many warnings on side effects. Last couple of years now, some prescription drugs effect me and I would rather not take this prescription he gave me.

    Prohealth has a supplement with Boswella in it and I have heard that it helps Osteoarthritis pain symptoms. I think I might try that the next time I put an order in.

    The only epidural injection I have had is with childbirth, but I realize this is totally different, but the same long needle just as well. Have you ever had this kind of injection into your lumbar area?

    I hope your pain in some way gets better, I hardily agree with you on this kind of pain.
  8. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    The only change in my life is teh 2 youngest grandbabies that arrived 11 days apart. Spenecer Samuel was born on October 8th 2010, He weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long {the had a big head due to the cone head he had} ,Maddison Elizabeth was born October 19 2010,She weighed in at 6 lbs,15 oz. and was 19 inches long. They are the last of new grandbabies this year. I have three daughters and all three were expecting this year. they delivered in order of their birth order. Alicia had Mason James on June 7th ,2010 and weighed 7lbs 14 oz { I think}

    I thought how easy it would be to help my daughter who was pregnant with baby # 3 but how wrong was I. In the past month my pain levels have just gotten worse, I can't sleep at night in my bed or in the recliner. I just want to be albe to sleep in my bed. Last year we had to get a new bed as the water bed we have had for most of the 30 yrs of marriage had holes in it. {all the holes were on my hubbies side of the bed. } We bought a soft king sized bed and yet to me even with the temerpedic mattrerss pad it stll cause's me pain, head aches, ect.

    I am so tired and in so much pain that I about ready to cry. I am so sick of this never ending pain I am in . I have talked to my doctor who is a rehumy but he tells me there is nothing he can do for my pain. IF I want he will inject steriods or some other stuff, {fibro fog} How can one be in so much pain that I am in tears most of the time. I dont' know who to ask on how to help me? I have not had a massage for over a year becasue the hot rock one I had caused me to ache for weeks, but then I only have a massage once a year, can't afford it more often. I can't afford to see a chipropractor{SP} as medicare does not pay well enough and due to the othere stress's in my life there is not enough money.

    There are no support groups around that don't want me to buy th eir supplements, treatment plans , pushing drugs out of my body. No one here can I discuss hoiw I feel too. I don't know if all the pain is fibro or chronic pain issures mixed together with fibro. I want to quit the pain , I am so sick of being in pain 24 hours a day every day of my life. I want to be albe to help my daughters with their newborns but truthfully I can't do it. I can try but I wear out way to fast to be of much help. Just don't tell my daughter that.

    What is wrong with me, is this ever going to slow down in pain, am I ever going to not feel like IA have been flattened by a mack truck and pulled thru a knot hole back wards. All I want is a few hours once and a while where the pain level is not higher than a 8. My knee's hurt, back hurgs hops htighs all over hurts, What did I ever do to end up in this never ending pain. I hate it, I want me back the person who really can help take care of her grandbabies, no matter how long it takes. I want to be normal not having to live a life on pain meds, muscle relllaxants, anti anti panic attacks. I am so sick of my chest hurting from the costo-chondritits, { pain in the ribs where they meet the sterum and cause severe pain that doesnot go away} I want to be me before pain took over my life.
    My body is complaining with each movement I take, I want to write to Pres. Obama about my right to be pain free have been violeted.Every one complains that their right is missing some thing. Gays complain abot their rights, Blacks about there's children , teens old people, young people,immigrants with green caaaards adn papers, thosee with out. But my right to live a fullll happy complete life has been taken away6 from me. And Press Obama is like 99% of all people who don't belive in or care about fibrro, chronic pain, and he is not going to do any thing to improve the situtaion we live in. We will still get complaints that we are addictted to our DRUGS, Not dependant on them, We will always be looked at as if we hvea been stealing our script pads, or meds, I want our president to at least look into fibro, and all the other chronic pain illness's and other disease's that cause us to live in great pain. We have to pay high prices to get the meds we need, I spend over a $129.00 a month in pain meds and antibiotics for the coughs that my funky immune system hits me with. I have one big wish for the new year to come in 2011 I want the goverment peole, the house, seneate, the president, all his reps, the first lady, and her reps, teh goverment goveners, , all the people who make the laws on heath care. I want them to have to be able to buy their meds, and pay for their insurance for under $140.00, and have to pay bills with what is left over atfter I have paid for all my meds. I get under $400.00 to pay bills scripts everything on and I have not had a cost of living raise in two years adn will not get one this year. I would love congress to have to use my insurance and have to live with my budget, to have to live on much less than the normal person makes. Since congress does not have to pay for their great insurcnae can see the best doctors they want to. they get their scripts free and don't have a clue as to what it is like to suffer when you don't have themoney to pay for every thing so you have to go with out some thing. I want the right to hvae some one listen to me adn what I have to say, to understand what I say and really get it that they know how much pain I really live with daily. Please let some one in congress have some of the chronic pain I have adn not be able to keep that great insurance they have..
    Sorry for all the complaining. I just want some one who can help mmmus to get the best health care, one the will provide for all the needs , expence's that we have, adn to be albe to pay for all our scritps at a reasonalbe rate. Not what the retail price is set at. Why don't we get our rights , we hve hte right to worship who we want to to speak how and to whom we want to, the right to vote, the right to complain that the goverment is not doing enough to help us. I feeel that my right to live a life in hte Us hss been twisted around so much that I don't have any rights any more. I don't mean to complain or whine. I am so sick of living in extreme pain always.
    Sorry for all the gripping. Thanls for the listening that you all do for me. Bless you wiht all the help that you need.
    Thank for reading my post ,Love
  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Oh hon- You have more going on than Fibro pain.

    Your sciatica and pain running from your groin down your leg is most likely from your stenosis, disk problem. You need to see a Dr. about that. There are options for you to help with that pain.

    My Aunt has terrible lower back issues. She is not a candidate for surgery - nor would it be good for her (bad experiences). She has to have Coddle Injections 3x a year. It helps enough to help her function and get rid of the horrible pain she's normally in.

    Please check out your options.
  10. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Yes I know from doctors that I need help with my back, hips and knees. All require money and lots of it. Surgery does not come cheap even with my medicare. I don't have the money to pay for surgery now or in a year from now. So I will have to learn how to deal with the never ending pain I have. I wish I could change things but I can't. I am so tired of living in pain, pain that robs me of sleep, robs me of playing with my grandkids, robs me of helping my mother who has helped me all my life. I do what I can but it is not enough , thanks for letting me complain and cry here as it is the only place I can share my feelings, not just emotinal but the phyical pain I feel every second, minute, hour, day of my life. I may hurt and not be albe to do some of the things I want to do but I do have happy times in my life, after all I have had 2 grandsons and a grand-daughter since June of this year. I love them dearly,
    Thanks for listening
  11. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I also had the pain in the butt that wrapped around my lower abdomen and radiated down my thigh.....it was so much worse before i had a hysterectomy......that helped some but it still sometimes have it....

    i also have pain where my skin hurts to be touched....and bone pain in my hands....and fingers...so bad that i can't pull open the cupboards becasue it feels like my finger bones are broken....

    one thing that has reduced that pain is fentanyl pain patches....i change the patch every other day...they are meant to last 3 days but for me they wear off after 2 and my doc wrote the RX so i can get enough to change it every 2 days....

    i also buy tegaderm dressings and put them on over the patch to hold it on...they work great! they cost $30 for 50 on amazon...for a 4"x4" size....they were $30 for 10 at the drugstore!!!

    you can get free covers from the patch company, i have heard....

    one thing to know, is that the patch is expensive! you need to get it covered by some type of insurance or, there are places to call to try to get free RX's...

    most important, if you start the patch, don't plan on quitting it....i have heard horror stories about ppl who went through hell trying to wean off the patch....my doc soothes me and says that he would perscribe an medicine to help me and i would not suffer at all...but i still worry...

    there also are stories of ppl who have accidently overdosed by sitting on a heating pad where there patch is...or forgetting to take off an old patch when they put on a new one....

    when i change my patch, i leave th old one on for a few hours with the corner torn off so i remember which one is the old one...i put the new one on at the same time on my other leg....i put the patch on the front of my upper thigh...it is a good place....no visible unless i am in short shorts or my swim suit and it doesnt' get rubbed off

    some ppl have trouble with redness and irritation but i fought through that...

    the patch has reduced my pain level to instead of feeling like i have mulitple broken bones, i just feel achy and i still have to stay in bed most of the time....but i am not crying all the time and i can open the cupboards without agony!

    you will feel better with time, rosemarie....we all cycle through feeling really angry and hopeless.....to feeling like we can get through this.....and back to feeling really angry again....you are in your feeling angry phase....just keep talking to us....it helps....

    congrat's on all the grand babies!!! 3 in one year! wow! what an emotional year for you! and exciting!

    get some pain relief!!! you will feel better emotionally when you get some help!

  12. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have been thru the hyesterectomy, I had lousy periods , horriable cramps every month starting with the first time. AFter 3 daughters and at the young age of 34 I had a total abdominal hyesterectomy and my appendix, so I had to start hormones right away. I had hot flashes while coming out of the anesthia it was not good. I have always wanted one more child a son maybe, we tried for 6 months before my doctor said surgery now, not later.
    I am happy with my 3 beautiful girls, all mothers now.
    I have been on the fentynal patches as well but where the sticky part around the patch is I broke out in a rash that burned , stung and had to stop taking them I had switched from oxycontin to the fentynal patch and then to MScontin and that is what I am on now. I wish that I could get some thing different but I don't know what there is to take that my doc would not have a cow over. I had to switch from the best pain doctor ever all becuase insurance would not cover him and I could not afford to pay the difference at the time and now he does not practice here any more. HE had very personal reason for leaving here. I really miss him as he would listen to me , to what I said how I felt, what emotions were going on in my life. The rehumy I have now I see once a year and the visit lasts all of 10 minutes if I am lucky.

    I wish that I had a better doctor who believes in what I have is real , that I know that I am not addicted to my meds after all I have been on them for 5 years or more. Yes I take a lower dosage than I did 5 years ago and I have felt better most of the time. But now it is cold winter weather here in Northern Utah , if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change. The cold, wet weather causes me more pain that the heat does. Once I am cold I stay that way and the cold settles into my bones , and the pain goes there as well, it gets to be so intense that I get sick to my stomache, but so far there is not much I can do about it. But live with it. I want to talk to my doctor but as of last week he is going to be gone for Thanksgiving, and christmas in all toal he will be out of the offce a month. Yippy for me. NOT.

    Well I am going to go stick my feet in the bath tub full of hot water to see if I can get warm.
    Thanks for all your support you have been giving me. I feel so blessed to have found this place. Thanks

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