What is this month's book.

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  1. gapsych

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    Hi all, I've not been posting too much, big flare (violins playing softly in the background), so I think I have missed the post for this months book selection.

    For those "in the know", I would appreciate any information. Put it in code if you like. I love challenges, LOL!!!

  2. rockgor

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    Hope the violins are playing something soothing. The Ash Grove, maybe, or Ashoken Farewell. Danny
    Boy? Softly, as I Leave You? The French Song?

    Well, you didn't read Home to Harmony (But you still can), and we haven't picked a book since then.

    I put up a post about a book I'm reading. You could put suggestions here or on that post. We're very
    unstructured as you know.

    Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion was suggested previously. Just got it from the library and am on
    page 10. Looks promising.

    Are you feeling better? Opehay ohsay. There's a code for you.

  3. gapsych

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    Thanks for the info.

    Loved the complicated code!! I think I was a spy in a former life.

    My sister and I were convinced that our dad was a spy during the early sixties when he worked for the government. He spent a lot of time in our basement working on his various projects and we would often hear banging noises they we were sure were Morse code. Then he built a bomb shelter and that convinced us that he knew something we didn't.

    It turned out the banging was from the hot water heater. Later when we were teens, the Bomb shelter was the "the place" to have parties.

    But I digress, as always.

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  4. gapsych

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    Cate you have me chuckling as I indeed remember having to crouch below your desk during a "nuclear disaster" drill. I am sure that many a child would have been saved if god forbid something like that happened.

    Jean, thanks for the update. I just love the rules of the book club or would that be Aunty Book Club? I am going to have to get out my high school year book to find some more phrases like your 2y's. I am not 2y's right now, just foggy, LOL!!

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