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    I've been waking up feeling O.K.. then after I"m up for just a few minutes I start having pains in my wrist elbows kness and ankles. burning, bug bitting feelings. then I become very fatique and week as the morning goes on I always eat protien for breakfast because of blood sugar. any how I tried to pay bills and write checks this morning and my hand just gets tired and I can"t think and I just cry ,I can"t take the stress of just writing bills .I feel like I"M losing it. by noon or shortly after I snap out of it and feel better what is happening?? does anyone else feel LIke their to weak to live and then in a hour or so feel O>K.?. my labs all came back o.k. my cholestrol is lower than the last time, my thyroid o.k. my gluclose o.k. they said everything was alright. now I have to go to the Rhumey and see what he says. I really need help with the weakness part i have been able to handle the pain so far. does anyone have any suggestions. thanks Sixtyslady
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    That is so irritating when that happens. You poor thing...I get like that a lot. It's been going on for years. I don't know what causes it. Sometimes I can reverse it with Green tea, or White tea. Sometimes when I know that I have some serious thinking to do, I take vitamin E an hour earlier and this works at least half the time. But sometimes, even when I try one of these things (never all at the same time), all that helps is to go back to bed and try to do things after a nap.

    I pray right now that God will give you strength to do the things you've got to do, that He will comfort you with his love and help you to be patient with yourself, especially when you have to do things real real slow.

    God love you...ABLUV
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    I have had that feeling before, so weak in the morning can't do anything, so I go back to bed and try getting up in an hour or two, I always feel better later in the day.